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Phone2Action Launches #HearUsOut COVID-19 Initiative

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Phone2Action, a comprehensive digital advocacy platform that powers grassroots engagement at hundreds of organizations, is sharing its technology with the public to promote the national discussion over the response to COVID-19.

The #HearUsOut initiative enables anyone who lives or votes in the U.S. to easily contact federal, state and local officials to share their experiences, ask questions, offer help and describe what is happening in their communities. The Phone2Action platform will deliver the messages directly to members of Congress, state legislatures and city governments nationwide.

“We are committed to minimizing the spread of COVID-19 and making an impact in our communities,” said Jeb Ory, CEO of Phone2Action. “We hope that by sharing our tools, we can make it easier for people to give direct feedback and address their concerns on the COVID-19 response in their communities. They can ask important questions and provide valuable input. We really are in this together.”

Ximena Hartsock, co-founder and COO of Phone2Action, said, “We are stronger as a country if we work together to get through this crisis and help people in need. We hope people will use our tools to share concerns, needs and ideas directly with their lawmakers. Members of Congress are back in their districts. We want to help them communicate with constituents in need, such as seniors, people at risk and those with economic concerns.”

The public #HearUsOut initiative begins today and has no end date set.

Phone2Action is also helping companies, nonprofits and associations navigate an advocacy landscape made more difficult by the advent of COVID-19. With government officials scrambling, events cancelled or postponed and much of the country working remotely, digital communication is more important than ever. Phone2Action will continue to provide the tools organizations need to keep audiences engaged.

Phone2Action’s staff began working remotely March 13, but will maintain its trademark round-the-clock support for clients who need help with text, email and social media campaigns; civic engagement and election efforts; and any other aspect of digital advocacy.

“Events are uncertain right now, and health and safety are the most important priorities,” Ory said. “But every organization still has a mission to carry out, and we will always be there to support that mission.”

For more information about the #HearUsOut initiative, visit 52886 or text “HearUsOut” to 52886.

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