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PFS Develops Ground Breaking Solution for Aberdeenshire Council – a First for Scotland

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robust for all Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership’s (AHSCP)

Adam Coldwells, Chief Officer of the Aberdeenshire Health & Social
Care Partnership said:
“It has been a real step forward for us in
being able to offer payment cards so that our clients can access their
Direct Payments and use them to best suit their care and support needs.
The system still allows us to make sure that money is being used to
support the individual, but clients are no longer required to submit
statements and supporting documents, which is great for them and good
for us too.”

Conor Doyle, CTO at PFS said: “Aberdeenshire was a completely
different commitment in terms of any programme we have ever delivered. I
am proud that our team has delivered a game-changing new product that
elevates PFS’ offering within the local authority market and elsewhere
as it can be deployed in a range of scenarios. This exciting solution is
fully compatible with third-party accessibility software. It is an
honour to support users across Aberdeenshire who live with a disability.”

Lee Britton, Commercial Director at PFS stated: “The
Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership can be commended for
their vision in seeking a challenging custom-built solution. PFS is
delighted to emerge with an outstanding new offering that every Local
Authority or Social Care provider user can navigate. What’s more, our
new multi-sector product can be used by traditional and challenger
banks, FX, stockbrokers, wallet providers, gaming, post offices, debt
management and an infinite combination of industries.”

The Main Benefits of the System for Service Users:

  • Instead of having to set up a bank account in order to receive Direct
    Payments, each user is issued with a prepaid card offering easy access
    to their money through a Direct Payment account opened on their behalf.
  • No need for users to provide quarterly reports and bank statements to
    show how their money is being used, thanks to online access to view
    and monitor how the Direct Payment funds are being spent – removing
    barriers to people who want to have more choice and control over how
    they receive their care and support.
  • The payment card customer portal is integrated with a myAberdeenshire
    account, which offers access to a wide range of online Aberdeenshire
    Council services and information like school meal payments, bin
    collection dates and Councillor details.
  • An improved website design ensures accessibility and a user-friendly
    experience for all individuals.

In Addition, AHSCP has Recognised a Number of Key Benefits to Both
the Taxpayer and In-House Finance Teams:

  • Improved budget monitoring through the ability to view Direct Payment
    accounts as required.
  • Financial benefits through the effective recovery of unused funds.

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