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Personalized Stories Are the Best Stories

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can help Apple
 craft the
best stories ever told
. The technology takes Apple News+ to the next
level with more focus and relevance: stories are tailored to each
individual user through aggregating contents based on the user’s
interests, locations, and social network data.

IpLearn’s patented
is more than just a large library of popular titles.
Instead, news and entertainment items are personalized stories that
morph with the most current and accurate information, becoming
resourceful points of immersive experience. So if a user on the West
Coast expresses interest in the university
admissions scandal
, news stories about the controversy at Stanford
University are featured over Yale. Those items are supplemented with
discussions in the user’s social networks—a post from a Facebook friend
about her personal knowledge of the Stanford coach, and Snapchat images
of the celebrities in the case from a friend.

As a user changes locations or expresses new preferences, the story
changes too. If the user travels to Honolulu and expresses interest in
outdoor activities, the feed may feature local hiking trails and
friends’ reviews for scuba diving around Hanauma Bay. Feeds can also be
time-sensitive, featuring upcoming events in the user’s area, with
photos and videos that promote local gallery or restaurant openings,
concerts, or exhibits. The feed can also present urgent events, like a
huge-storm alert.

Once a user’s interest in a particular news event or entertainment item
is identified, our technology automatically generates a story for the
user with the most up-to-date and personalized information. There’s no
sifting aimlessly through a list of titles that just happens to be
available. Instead, users get stories that engage and inform their life
experiences, all while staying immersed in their lives and connected to
their networks.

IpLearn, a Silicon Valley company, develops innovation backed by
high-quality patents.