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Personalized Media Communications Vice President, Aaric Eisenstein, is Named to “World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists”

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Personalized Media Communications, LLC (PMC), which owns and manages a
portfolio of fundamental patents covering the inventions of John C.
Harvey, has announced that Aaric Eisenstein, Vice President Licensing
Strategy, has been named to the 2019 IAM 300, “World’s Leading
Intellectual Property Strategists.”

The IAM 300 is an annual listing of those individuals identified by
Intellectual Asset Management’s research team – with a great deal of
help from the wider IP community – “as offering operating companies and
other IP owners, world-class advice on maximizing the value of their
intellectual property.”

Mr. Eisenstein is responsible for analyzing markets, identifying
opportunities and negotiating licensing transactions. He has contributed
to publications about PTAB fairness and other IP subjects and has served
as a speaker at patent industry meetings and is a Licensing Executives
Society committee member for licensing standards. Before joining PMC in
2012, Aaric held leadership positions in early-stage, technology-driven
companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College and an MBA
from the University of Texas.

About Personalized Media Communications

Personalized Media Communications owns a fundamental intellectual
property portfolio developed over thirty years by its chief inventor and
founder John C. Harvey. The patents cover the use of control and
information signals embedded in electronic media content to generate
output for display. All of the more than 80 active company patents have
either 1981 or 1987 priority dates because of patent office delays in
re-examining them. They will not begin to expire until 2027.

PMC inventions describe architecture for secure delivery and
presentation of enhanced media content. The inventions are applicable to
media delivery platforms, such as streaming video and audio and the
Internet, using devices such as cellular phones, set top boxes and
in-car infotainment systems. Licensees include Cisco Systems, Motorola
Mobility, Panasonic, Zynga and Sony. For more information visit