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Payroc Announces Compliant Surcharge and Cash Discount Programs

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, a leading merchant acquirer and payment processing
organization, announced today it has launched card brand compliant RewardPay
surcharge and CashRewards
cash discount programs. The programs are designed to help merchants
substantially reduce or eliminate card processing fees and to avoid
costly fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. RewardPay or
CashRewards, combined with Payroc’s differentiated processing
capabilities, funds merchants the same day, depositing 100 percent of
their card sales each and every day. Both programs are immediately
available for merchant deployment through direct and sales partner
channels on standalone payment acceptance terminals, as well as
sophisticated point of sale system options.

“With a compliant credit surcharge program like RewardPay, merchants can
substantially reduce overall card processing by 60 to 90 percent,” said
Payroc’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan Hallett. “And with a compliant cash
discount program like CashRewards, merchants can virtually eliminate all
their card processing costs,” added Hallett. “In either case, passing
processing costs on to consumers is a tough decision for any merchant to
make. That’s why they need expert advice and support, and Payroc is
pleased to serve as a leader in this role,” continued Hallett.

RewardPay enables businesses to add a credit card fee to consumer
purchases, when credit cards are used to pay. Other forms of payment
like debit and prepaid cards, cash and check are not eligible for
surcharging, but qualify for Payroc’s extremely low flat rate or
interchange plus pricing for debit and prepaid cards. To service small
and midsize businesses, RewardPay is currently compatible with Dejavoo
payment terminals and accommodates tips; and for online bill payment and
e-commerce, RewardPay works with Payroc’s iTransact payment gateway.
Surcharging is permitted in most of the United States, with states
mandating consumer signage notification at the point of purchase which
Payroc provides to merchants at no cost as part of the program.

CashRewards allows merchants to offer discounts from regularly
advertised, published prices to customers paying with cash. CashRewards
assists businesses in updating standard pricing, and automatically
discounts cash transactions at the point of purchase leveraging Payroc
provided or already installed point of sale technology.

Sales partner marketing collateral is available for both RewardPay and
CashRewards. A surcharge
is also available to help merchant prospects understand
potential RewardPay credit card fee and overall card processing savings.

Parties interested in learning more about Payroc’s RewardPay or
CashRewards programs may visit
or email

Payroc will be attending the Electronic Transactions Association’s TRANSACT
conference later this month at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center
in Las Vegas. Onsite meetings will be held at pod #3613 on the show
floor. Please email
to reserve a timeslot.

About Payroc LLC

Payroc, headquartered in the Tinley Park suburb of Chicago, drives
commerce for its merchants with anytime, anywhere payment solutions.
Payroc serves its referral partners and merchant clients with integrity
as trusted advisors and recognized experts in payments, providing
transparent pricing clarity, and developing personal relationships while
delivering exceptional technology. Payroc services and supports more
than 30,000 merchants throughout North America, providing stability in
payments by safely and securely processing over $10 billion in annual
charge volume. The company is a full-service merchant acquirer, a
registered ISO of MB Financial Bank, N.A., Chicago, Illinois, a
registered ISO and payment facilitator of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati,
Ohio, and a registered ISO of Wells Fargo, Concord, California. For more
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or telephone 844-PAYROC-4.