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Patra and MarshBerry Announce Joint Marketing Alliance

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Patra, a leader in insurance processing and technology, and MarshBerry,
one of the market’s leading strategic consulting and advisory firms for
the insurance distribution space, have announced a joint marketing
alliance through MarshBerry’s Connect Platform, following MarshBerry’s
invitation for Patra to join the program as the exclusive insurance BPO
provider for the network. As a result of the alliance, MarshBerry will
formally promote and endorse Patra’s broad line of insurance process
services to MarshBerry’s 130+ Connect members. In exchange, Patra will
provide exclusive benefits and preferred pricing to members. The
alliance brings members access to a wide range of insurance business
processes, backed by industry-leading technology, service and knowledge.

“MarshBerry has intentionally created a new category of business
relationship amongst our members and trading partners, believing in the
emerging new ecosystem of insurance distribution. It is highly unlikely
any one firm or carrier can transform it alone,” said David Soforenko,
Executive Vice President at MarshBerry. “If agencies or brokerages truly
want to drive change locally, regionally, even globally, a Broker
Transformation Platform like ours offers the means and thought
leadership to effectuate this objective,” he continued.

The addition of Patra’s partnership further bolsters MarshBerry’s
Connect peer exchange network, where member brokers work as peers to
pool their experience, industry knowledge and data in order to
streamline and maximize the growth of their businesses. The resources
and services that Patra provides are aligned seamlessly with the goal of
MarshBerry Connect, which is to provide firms with the tools to grow and
scale efficiently. The partnership with MarshBerry creates additional
access for members through a preferred pricing model, to help them more
easily take advantage of Patra’s expertise.

In addition to these commercial benefits, MarshBerry Connect members
will have the opportunity to learn and benefit from Patra’s industry
knowledge in various ways. Patra will be present and be involved at
MarshBerry Connect events including presenting educational content and
participating in collaborative spaces. Patra will also host a MarshBerry
University webinar, exclusive to membership, to share additional content.

“It’s a privilege to join the MarshBerry Connect Network as the
exclusive insurance BPO provider, and to receive a strong endorsement
from such a knowledgeable and respected organization,” said Patra CEO
John Simpson. “We look forward to leveraging Patra’s technology,
expertise and industry-leading service to provide this elite network of
members with the tools and bandwidth for continued growth.”

“The launch of MarshBerry’s Connect Platform has been over a year in the
making. We’ve created an opportunity for our membership to take action
on growth, partner with like-minded firms, like Patra, and seize market
opportunities now – not tomorrow,” said John Wepler, Chairman and
CEO of MarshBerry.

The top quartile of firms in the MarshBerry Connect membership achieved
15.2 percent organic growth vs. 1.7 percent achieved by non-member firms
through 2017.

About Patra

Patra powers insurance processing by leveraging people and technology,
supporting insurance organizations as they sell, deliver and manage
policies and customers. Patra’s team of global experts allow brokers,
MGAs, wholesalers and carriers to capture the Patra Advantage –
profitable growth and organizational value. This is accomplished through
the deployment of Patra’s proprietary Insurance Process Delivery System
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About MarshBerry

Founded in 1981, MarshBerry’s primary objective is to help insurance
agents, national brokers, specialty distributors, private equity firms,
banks & credit unions and insurance carries as they work to maximize
their value through our industry-specific services that include: Merger
& Acquisition Advisory, Financial Consulting, Talent Acquisition, Sales
Performance, Intellectual Capital and Connect – our Peer Exchange
Network. Learn more
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