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Patient Journey Analytics: Quantzig Helps Its Clients Analyze Care Gaps with Real-time Actionable Intelligence

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Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider, today announced that it is working with its existing healthcare clients across Europe to better support patients and healthcare researchers during this challenging period. As a part of its COVID-19 business support initiatives, Quantzig is actively collaborating with healthcare service providers globally to help them broaden their understanding of patient behavior and gain deeper insights into treatment pathways.

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According to Quantzig’s patient journey analytics experts, “We aim to help businesses leverage patient journey analytics and utilize it as a platform that helps unite stakeholders across the health care ecosystem to achieve one overarching goal i.e., the affordable management of healthcare.”

Considering the ongoing changes induced by the COVID-19 crisis, the world’s healthcare systems are experiencing a major shift in the way they function. Today, we’ve reached a point where we can use patient data to improve access, manage, and transform disease management and control. The expectation is that over the next few years we will see a considerable shift in the effectiveness of healthcare systems.

With the rise in data sources and availability of patient information, healthcare providers are increasingly looking at implementing analytical tools that can help manage their administrative processes and improve process efficiencies. In addition, the growing use of advanced healthcare technology and analytics solutions has opened the door to the convergence of medical data generated with a plethora of non-medical, lifestyle-related data, much of which is generated by the patient. Considering the ongoing disruptions in healthcare, ‘patient journey analytics’ turns out to be the most effective way to analyze the effectiveness of drugs and treatment patterns. But these are just a few use cases of patient journey analytics, considering the benefits that can be obtained by conducting a detailed analysis of patient data. Advanced patient journey analytics solutions also offer insights into how to better connect with patients, understand their vocabularies, analyze barriers, and uncover the unmet needs of different patient cohorts. Talk to our analytics experts to learn how our analytics skills and domain expertise can help you analyze patient journeys and use those insights to make key business decisions.

Quantzig’s Patient Journey Analytics Capabilities

Diagnostic and Treatment Overview: Through our patient journey analytics solutions we also help our clients to focus on defining the appropriate structures, care delivery, and care management models that will redefine how care is delivered in a patient-centric way.

Improve Client Conversion Rates: Our analytics experts help you build a robust roadmap that accounts for market needs, financial impacts, and provider network strategies so that healthcare organizations can readily program the milestones around which they can convert to a more value-based system.

Strategies to Increase Patient Outreach: Our comprehensive suite of advanced patient journey analytics solutions empowers healthcare organizations to devise analytics-driven strategies to increase patient outreach.

Visualize Patient Treatment Pathway: Interactive healthcare analytics dashboards can help businesses visualize treatment pathways and identify the factors that impact the outcome.

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