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Partner Communications Reports That the Ministry of Communications Has Published a Frequencies Tender

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Partner Communications Company Ltd. (“Partner” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR), a leading Israeli communications operator, reports that the Israeli Ministry of Communications published a tender for the award of frequencies, including frequencies intended for 5G services (the “Tender”).

The Tender includes 2×30 MHz in the 700 MHz Band, 2×60 MHz in the 2,600MHz band and 300 MHz in the 3,500-3,800 MHz band. The frequencies in the 700 MHz band will be awarded for a period of 15 years and the rest of the frequencies offered in the Tender will be awarded for a period of 10 years.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) sharing a network are required to bid jointly in this Tender. The Tender includes limits on the amount of frequencies that a single network can be awarded in each band.

According to the terms of the Tender, only existing MNOs will be allowed to compete for most of the frequencies tendered. Other contenders may compete with the existing MNOs for only 100 MHz in the 3,500-3,600 MHz band. The Tender includes deployment based incentives and reductions in spectral fees which also depend on deployment.

The Company is studying the Tender documents while examining the feasibility of its participation in the Tender and cannot estimate, at this time, the implications of the Tender on the activities of the Company and its financial consequences.

For further information, see the Company’s 2018 Annual Report on Form 20-F – “Item 4.B8 OUR NETWORK”, “Item 3D.1b -The MoC might require us to terminate the use of certain spectrum ranges which have been allocated to us, limit our use of such spectrum or fail to respond to our demands for the allocation of additional spectrum. Such eventualities may adversely affect our business and results of operations.” and “Item 3D.2c – Competition resulting from the full service offers by telecommunications groups and additional entrants into the mobile telecommunications market, as well as other actual and potential changes in the competitive environment and communications technologies, may continue to cause a further decrease in tariffs and an increase in subscriber acquisition and retention costs, and may continue to reduce our subscriber base and increase our churn rate, each of which could adversely affect our business and results of operations.”

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