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Partner Communications Announces Receiving a Lawsuit and a Motion for the Recognition of This Lawsuit as a Class Action

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Partner Communications Company Ltd. (“Partner” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR), a leading Israeli communications operator, announces that the Company received a lawsuit and a motion for the recognition of this lawsuit as a class action, filed against Partner and against two additional cellular operators (together the “Respondents“) in the Tel-Aviv District Court on November 17, 2019.

In the motion it was allegedly claimed that the Company, as well as the other Respondents collected money from its customers for content services for third parties, by using the means of payment that were given to the Company for the purpose of the cellular invoice payment, without receiving consent from these customers prior to the charge, and/or without having documentation with respect to the customers’ consent, unlawfully and against its license provisions.

The total amount claimed from each of the Respondents if the lawsuit is recognized as a class action is NIS 400 million in addition to compensation in the amount of NIS 500 for each one of the group members for non-monetary damages which were allegedly caused to them.

An application for approval of a claim as a class action, filed solely against the Company on October 7, 2010, for the same services, regarding the same period, was rejected by the District Court for the most part (except for one content service for which the collection was in a negligible total amount) in 2016. An appeal that was filed to the Supreme Court by the applicants for that application against this judgment was dismissed in November 2018.

Partner is reviewing and assessing the lawsuit and is unable at this preliminary stage to evaluate, with any degree of certainty, the probability of success of the lawsuit or the range of potential exposure, if any.

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Partner Communications Company Ltd. (“Partner”) is a leading Israeli provider of telecommunications services (cellular, fixed-line telephony, internet and television services). Partner’s ADSs are quoted on the NASDAQ Global Select Market™ and its shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR).

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