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Paladin, Inc. Launches Digital Testing Services Firm

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Candice Rogers and David Burks, sibling co-owners of Lexington’s Paladin, Inc., today announced the launch of Paladin DTS (Digital and Technical Services), a subsidiary of their company created to leverage high tech testing and their Building Information Management (BIM) expertise on behalf of building owners and the architects, engineers and builders who serve them.

“Technology’s evolution has made buildings increasingly transparent in terms of equipment condition, fit and finish,” said Candice Rogers, majority owner of Paladin DTS. “Our ability to effectively collaborate with architects, engineers and builders makes us the ideal resource for building owners interested in facilities that perform as designed and desired.”

The wide array of Paladin DTS services include:

  • BIM Coordination and 3D Scanning: effective clash detection and code compliant conflict resolution.
  • Field Testing: comprehensive field QA and diagnostic testing of building envelope and MEP systems.
  • Technical Services: custom services ranging from technical procurement and documentation to maintenance programs and owner training.

While based in Kentucky, Paladin DTS is engaged in projects across the southeastern United States, bringing their expertise to locations ranging from Ohio to the Carolinas.

“It makes us proud to help owners answer questions like ‘how long will this piece of equipment last?’ or ‘why can’t we keep this room cool?’” said David Burks, who has amassed a lengthy track record of on-site problem solving. “Our technology essentially turns buildings inside out, making the causes of problems visible and their collaborative solutions attainable.”

Interested parties can learn more about the new company by visiting

Paladin, Inc. is known across Kentucky as a game changer in building systems and the built environment, bringing a spirit of innovation to the design, testing, management and operation of top-quality buildings across the public and private sector. With expertise in building engineering and commissioning, Paladin is uniquely adept at creating collaborative solutions for building owners. For more information, visit