Press release

Pacífico Seguros first Peruvian insurer to select FRISS for automated claims fraud analytics

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Peruvian insurer Pacífico Seguros selected FRISS, the global provider of
fraud and risk software solutions for the P&C insurance industry, to
automate their claims fraud analytics processes.

Pacífico Peru is a leading insurer in the Latin American region. In a
market with increasingly demanding customers, their strength is to adapt
to new standards, an essential characteristic to achieve the
sustainability of a company that, for 70 years, defined the objective of
accompanying its clients at every moment of their life.

The automation of claims fraud analytics is the next step in the process
of digital transformation at Pacífico. Their aim is to lower the loss
ratio by being able to better detect fraud before claims are paid. At
the same time, the project will increase customer satisfaction because
sincere clients can be put on a fast lane.

After carefully evaluating various software solutions in the market,
Pacífico selected FRISS because the company combines state of the art
artificial intelligence (AI) with expert insurance knowledge. Their
value was proven by a solid business case and reference visits to other
international FRISS customers.

Ariane Braam-Verkoren, Global Alliance Manager at FRISS: “I’m proud that
Pacífico is the first insurer in Peru to select FRISS. Their innovative
insurance approach matches perfectly with our vision on how to keep up
with the demanding and ever-changing market. Thanks to the cooperation
with strategic partners Munich Re and Guidewire, the impact of this
project will only increase.”

“It is fantastic to see that Pacífico can now assist their clients even
better with insurance. The ability to automatically identify and
separate the good from the bad claims with advanced analytics will
increase the level of service and helps in making Peruvian insurance
more honest,” said Iván Ballón, Business Manager Latin America & Iberian
countries at FRISS.

FRISS will support Pacífico in reaching their goals in the digital
journey from their Latin American headquarters in Santiago de Chile.


FRISS has a 100% focus on automated fraud and risk detection for P&C
insurance companies worldwide. Their AI-powered detection solutions for
underwriting, claims and SIU help over 150 insurers grow their business.
FRISS detects fraud, mitigates risks and supports digital
transformation. Insurers go live within 6 months, with fixed price
projects, and realize an ROI within 12 months. Their solutions help
lower the loss ratio, enable profitable portfolio growth, and improve
the customer experience.