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Ouster Announces Two Week Lead Time Guarantee for OS-1 Lidar Sensors

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Ouster, a leading provider of high-resolution lidar sensors used for
autonomous vehicles, robotics, and mapping, today announced a new
program that guarantees a two-week ship time for its current lidar
models. An industry first, the Ouster Lead Time Guarantee is intended to
help customers get started with the company’s products faster and
reverse the industry trend of long wait-times for sensor delivery.

As Ouster has added customers working on projects across a wide range of
industries, the company has increasingly appreciated how important it is
for engineering and perception teams to get sensors in their hands as
quickly as possible. Customers need to begin getting familiar with the
sensor’s output, testing integration options, and validating
system-level designs.

Unfortunately, the lidar industry has a reputation for long lead times
for delivery, and Ouster has often seen customers assuming that it will
take many months to get their hands on their sensors.

“Our promise to anyone who needs lidar is that we will ship your first
two sensors within two weeks, no matter if you buy 1 sensor or 1000
sensors. Our customers’ projects are too important to be waiting around
for the first sensors to arrive,” said Raffi Mardirosian, VP of
Corporate Development. “Companies in our industry have made it too hard
to get your hands on sensors, especially if you’re a small customer or a
university lab. Ouster is changing that with our Lead Time Guarantee.”

The Ouster Lead Time Guarantee is the first of its kind in the lidar
industry for a reason – Ouster’s multi-beam
flash lidar architecture
places all the lasers and sensors onto
semiconductor chips, which makes the company’s sensors easier and faster
to assemble with confidence.

More details about the guarantee, including terms and conditions, can be
found on Ouster’s

About Ouster

Ouster builds high-resolution lidar sensors for safety-critical
applications in autonomous vehicles and robotics, as well as defense,
drones, and mapping. Using its unique multi-beam flash lidar
architecture, Ouster’s sensors are reliable, compact, and inexpensive.
Founded in 2015 by CEO Angus Pacala and CTO Mark Frichtl, Ouster is
headquartered in San Francisco.