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Orion Business Innovation Finds Disparity Between AI Talk and AI Knowledge

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Business Innovation
(“Orion”), a fast-growing firm focused on
digital transformation and a global player in the artificial
intelligence (AI) space, released the results of its recent survey aimed
at testing the industry’s understanding of AI, its context and history.
While artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword of the moment with
everyone talking about the attributes and a future powered by AI,
Orion’s quiz revealed that enthusiasm for AI exceeds knowledge of its
origins and fundamental mathematical constructs.

The AI quiz, which was completed by 618 IT and data analytics
professionals, found that just 2 percent of respondents – a total of 12
people – got nine or 10 questions correct. The implication is that
there’s great interest in AI without great knowledge about artificial

“It’s not too surprising that the attention to AI outweighs broad
understanding of its origins and principles,” Raj Patil, Orion CEO,
observed. “AI appears to be a shiny new object. The reality is that AI
is a body of mathematical and operational principles that have evolved
over more than 60 years. AI has become more powerful by the confluence
of inexpensive big data storage, large data sets, accelerated computing
speeds and machine learning algorithms. We hope that the results of this
simple quiz will inspire more people to learn more about AI.”

Answers Reveal Knowledge Gaps

The results further demonstrated the gap in background knowledge with
almost half of respondents (49.6%) answering five or less questions
correctly. A few key highlights of the results include:

  • What does the Church Turning thesis say? 43% answered correctly
    with computers can simulate formal reasoning while 20% believed it was
    that computers can mirror human behavior
  • An intelligent agent ‘perceives its environment and takes
    action’, which 37% of respondents answered correctly, while 29%
    believed that it ‘finds its own pathways’.
  • Which element is not an AI learner? 43% answered correctly with
    ‘fitness function’ while ‘decision tree’ and ‘nearest neighbor’
    both received 15% of the votes
  • Morovec’s Paradox is defined as the notion that simple human
    skills are the most difficult to program, which 46% of respondents
    answered correctly. Twenty-four percent believed it was ‘the simplest
    answer is usually the right one’.

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