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Organizations with Spanish or French Speaking Employees Can Easily Enable Them to Transact in Their Native Language Within The AccountMate ERP System

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For employees who would benefit from transacting in their preferred language, AccountMate has included Spanish and French translation engines in their financial software systems. Both their AccountMate 11 for SQL and AccountMate 11 for Express provide an option to designate which (or all) employees are enabled to read AccountMate screens in either Spanish or French. This enhancement has been given the ‘thumbs up’ by many distribution customers who had been challenged by non-English reading users transacting in software packages without this convenience.

AccountMate has made it much easier to transact within their enterprise software system and facilitate training to people whose first language is either Spanish or French. AccountMate has taken the hardship out of having to understand English-only and now enables translation of screen labels, warning messages, error messages, instructional messages and report headers in Spanish or French. A CEO of a large fruit production and distribution company said, “Our workers no longer hesitate to enter orders, move inventory, or understand reports now that they can read the accounting screens in their native Spanish language. This has been a boom in the increase of participation to transact in the system which saves our company both time and resources.”

David Dierke, President and CEO of AccountMate Software Corporation, appreciates that many domestic U.S. and Canadian businesses have diversified workforces. He is quoted as saying that “this addition of the Spanish and French translation provides the flexibility for employers to leverage staff across an organization to initiate transactions without worrying that non-English speaking contributors will be left out. Assigning language preferences per employee is an easy job for the System Administrator. Language option changes can be done quickly.”

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