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Optiarc Offers New Line of Robust SSD, Preventing Data Loss and Failures Due to Latent Flash Issues

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Optiarc, Inc., best known for its professional line of optical disc
drives, has entered the world of digital flash storage with a new line
of high-grade Solid State Drives (SSD). The Optiarc VP Series SSD
focuses on protecting data integrity to safeguard the user’s vulnerable
content by protecting against cell corruption and permanent fatal
errors, ensuring the user will be able to maintain their content

Data retention has become an integral concern in the flash storage
industry. As the capacity continues to increase with advanced 3D NAND
flash memory technology, currently utilizing 96-layer memory cells, SSD
manufacturers are able to increase flash memory storage while decreasing
the device’s physical footprint. The problem is that 3D NAND cells are
built vertically in strings, meaning a defect in a single cell will most
likely negatively affect the performance of the entire cell string. This
minor contamination could lead to massive failure potentially causing
total data loss.

“Given that SSD offers higher performance with less power consumption
than a standard magnetic hard drive (HDD), plus capacities are
increasing while costs are decreasing, SSD are becoming the de facto
hard drives, for personal computers,” declares Ryan Swerdloff, VP of
Sales and Marketing. With more people using SSD as their primary hard
drive, these SSD will contain both the user’s operating system as well
as their personal data. If that SSD were to irretrievably fail, the user
could lose content that is extremely valuable and irreplaceable.

It is with that security and vulnerability in mind that Optiarc focuses
on maintaining data integrity to prevent potential catastrophic data
loss across the VP series of SSD. Optiarc is able to ensure this high
bar of excellence across their full SSD product line by utilizing the
following implementations:

  • Source the best parts and components available, using higher material
    purity and prequalified 3D NAND chips.
  • Fine tune the SSD firmware to better control the data flow and prevent
    errors or overloading at the cellular level. This regulates the flow
    of content and directs it to the appropriate cell(s), to prevent cells
    from potentially being over worked and also creates faster retention.
    Additionally, the firmware can detect if a cell has the potential to
    fail and balances the loading in that cell to prevent the possibility
    of failure and potential data loss.
  • Implement intensive testing procedures that go far beyond the
    standardized mainstream testing process. Use state of the art hardware
    to test each element of every single SSD we produce to check the
    drive’s potential to fail, robustness of its memory and cellular
    structure, read / write speed optimization, and much more to protect
    against contamination and ensure long term reliability and stability.

“Because of these 3 key factors; high caliber components, enhanced
firmware, and intense testing, Optiarc is able to virtually eliminate
the risk of data loss and corrupted data integrity across its entire
line of SSD models,” stated Calvin Chang, C.E.O.

While many SSDs on the market tout their massive memory capacity, low
costs, or lightning fast operating speed, it is all inconsequential if
your SSD crashes. Optiarc is dedicated to offering affordable, high
capacity, fast SSDs, with a focus on preserving data and preventing
corruption and data loss due to faulty components or memory. The risk of
using a low grade SSD or any SSD that doesn’t perform adequate
qualification procedures could have catastrophic effects, resulting in
potential total data loss of the entire SSD. When it comes to the
content on a person’s SSD, we believe it’s more important to protect the
data stored on the drive, than taking the risk to save a few dollars.

The Optiarc VP Series SSD currently is offered in 120GB (P/N
OPT120S325-R), 240GB (P/N OPT240S325-R) and 480GB (P/N OPT480S325-R),
higher capacity coming soon. You can find more details online at

About Optiarc:

Since its inception in 2006, Optiarc has focused on the digital storage
market. Originally created to develop better and more reliable optical
disc drive writers and readers, Optiarc has expanded into the media
market for both optical discs and flash. It has taken that same
attention to detail and focus into the growing SSD market. Optiarc is a
global brand with corporate offices in the United States of America,
Hong Kong, as well as Taiwan (R.O.C.) to better facilitate the need for
enhanced testing and sourcing critical parts. At Optiarc, we make
products that provide Storage for Life.

For further information on any or all of Optiarc’s product line, please
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