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OpenSesame Announces Expansion of OpenSesame Plus Subscription

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OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced new publishers added to
its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to further expand the curated
course offering. Because enterprise companies have many different needs
when it comes to their global talent development strategies, it’s
critical that they have access to a broad catalog of elearning courses
of the highest quality and engagement level.

Over the past few months, these publishers have joined the OpenSesame
Plus subscription:

in Learning
: Engage in Learning uses visually compelling graphics
and images with built-in multimedia elements to deliver key pieces of
information clearly and concisely.

Packt develops effective elearning solutions for businesses and IT
professionals so technical teams have the most up-to-date essential
training they need to stay relevant and the organization needs to stay
competitive and secure.

Speexx develops innovative, award-winning language training programs
that help global organizations increase productivity by improving
employee business communication skills.

: Founded by actor John Cleese, Video Arts uses humorous story
lines and familiar actors so you can change the way people behave at

: WILL Interactive develops high-quality, interactive,
and engaging courses that utilize real-life scenarios and encourage the
learner to drive the story by choosing how to respond to each situation.

“With more than 6,000 courses, OpenSesame constantly upgrades its
OpenSesame Plus content library to serve the evolving needs of our
customers. As we serve more Global 2000 enterprises, the need for
interactive, multimedia, IT, and language training has grown even more
critical,” said Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation at

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