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Open19 Foundation Joins Kinetic Edge Alliance

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The Open19 Foundation, an organization established to create a community
for a new generation of open data centers and edge solutions, today
announced its membership within the Kinetic
Edge™ Alliance
(KEA) as a technology partner. The future of
computing is at the edge, and this partnership will accelerate
deployment of Open19 infrastructure into edge locations.

“The Kinetic Edge Alliance is the de-facto alliance that is creating
order and a blueprint to build the edge technology specifically for edge
cloud applications,” said Yuval Bachar, Open19 Foundation President.
“The Open19 Foundation will join the Kinetic Edge Alliance to add the
hardware buildout building block to the alliance with the Open19
platform. The Open19 platform is designed for the edge and optimized for
the solution as defined by the Kinetic Edge alliance. It will enable a
standard but flexible solution for building the Edge platforms of the
present and the future.”

Founded by Open19 Foundation member company Vapor
, the Kinetic Edge Alliance is an industry working group dedicated
to making edge computing easy and connecting stakeholders with end users
and customers. Other members of the group include Packet, New Continuum
Data Centers, and Seagate. Learn more about the Alliance here.

“The Open19 standard makes it fast and economical to deploy equipment in
edge environments,” said Matt Trifiro, CMO of Vapor IO. “By offering a
chassis design that slides in and out of a rack, installing or swapping
out data center equipment becomes almost as easy as opening and closing
a desk drawer. This makes it possible for technicians to deploy or
repair edge equipment in minutes instead of hours or days.”

Twelve partner companies launched
the Kinetic Edge Alliance in February 2019 for the purpose of driving
broad adoption of compute, storage, access and interconnection at the
edge of the cellular network, simplifying edge computing for the masses.
The Alliance is actively rolling out equipment and services across the
top 30 major metropolitan US markets, beginning with the first six
markets in 2019. The Alliance seeks to deploy, in lockstep, all of the
key hardware and software infrastructure components that will enable
commercial-grade edge computing at scale. There are now nearly 40
partner companies in the Alliance.

About the Open19 Foundation

The Open19 Foundation was established in 2017 by founding members Flex,
GE Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LinkedIn, Packet, and Vapor IO
to create a community that will enable a common optimized data center
and edge solutions. It has since grown to 26 members from all parts of
the edge ecosystem – from component and system suppliers and
integrators, to data center operators. For more information, visit the
Foundation’s website at