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OPAQ Announces Hyperscale Security-as-a-Service Networking to Simplify Digital Transformation

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OPAQ, the network security
cloud company, announced today a new set of offerings that provide up to
15 Gbps of hyperscale security-as-a-service networking to support
digital transformation initiatives. The OPAQ Cloud provides direct
Gigabit connectivity to ISP exchanges and comprehensive network security
for organizations that require carrier-grade network performance and
security for hybrid and multi-cloud environments that span on-premises,
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

“Companies of all sizes are integrating on-premises data centers with
cloud workloads and SaaS applications to accelerate digital
transformation projects,” said Ken Ammon, Chief Strategy Officer for
OPAQ. “These hybrid or multi-cloud environments create network
performance and security challenges which are too complex and expensive
to address using traditional on-prem security architectures. The OPAQ
Cloud integrates patented hyperscale networking with enterprise-grade
security features to provide a secure fabric that seamlessly supports
these distributed infrastructure processing requirements.”

Virtually every organization faces three interconnected challenges:
regulatory compliance, security and network bandwidth/latency. For
businesses these days, monthly cloud workloads can easily reach 20-30
Terabytes due to big data processing requirements, which demands peak
throughput performance in excess of 2 Gbps. OPAQ’s hyperscale networking
fabric easily scales from 50 Mbps to 15 Gbps, while providing advanced
Next-Generation Firewall-as-a-Service and Endpoint
Protection-as-a-Service that is fully integrated into the OPAQ Cloud.
This enables service providers to easily meet the security, compliance
and bandwidth requirements of small and large organizations that are
increasingly moving business processes and workloads to cloud

The new OPAQ Cloud offerings are available
immediately from authorized OPAQ service provider partners.

About OPAQ
OPAQ is the premier network security cloud
company. OPAQ’s cloud platform enables partners to deliver Fortune
100-grade security-as-a-service on infrastructure purpose-built for
security and performance. With OPAQ, service providers are equipped with
a simplified ability to centrally monitor security performance and
compliance maturity, generate reports, manage security infrastructure,
and enforce policies – all through a single interface. This empowers
OPAQ partners to grow revenue and margins, eliminate complexity and
costs, and establish a competitive advantage that helps them attract and
retain customers. Based in Northern Virginia, OPAQ is privately held and
is funded by Greenspring Associates, Columbia Capital, Harmony Partners,
and Zero-G, Inc. To learn more, visit