Press release

On the Move Together

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Energica, the Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric
motorcycles, has signed a technological partnership with Omoove, a noted
expert in Intelligent Mobility. Omoove is a company fully owned by Octo
Telematics group, the leading global provider of telematics solutions
and data analysis for the automotive insurance sector.

Thanks to this partnership, all Energica electric motorcycles will be
equipped, as standard, with remote connectivity. This new technology
vastly extends the full expanse of information already available on
Energica motorcycles, thanks to the existing short range local
connectivity that relies on Bluetooth technology.

The on-board telematic device (ProShare XT) Omoove, natively installed
on Energica motorcycles, will allow real-time monitoring of the
performance of the motorcycle through an app. This allows transmission
of extensive information on the status of the bike, and intelligent
alerts notifying the rider or owner if there is an interruption of the
recharge or unexpected movement of the bike.

This collaboration will be strengthened further with Omoove’s
sponsorship on the Ego Corsa Test bike used by the official Energica
test rider Alessandro Brannetti for the development of the FIM Enel
MotoE™ World Cup racing motorcycles.

The Omoove logo will also be placed on the Energica Ego Sport Black, the
street electric sportbike whose graphics denote the extraordinary
development activity that the Energica technical team is carrying out
for the FIM Enel MotoE™ races, for which Dorna has appointed the
Modena-based company as the Single Manufacturer.

Giuseppe Zuco, CEO of Omoove and co-founder of Octo Telematics, said: “Today
one of our dreams becomes reality. We have equipped the first
high-performance electric motorcycle with the best connectivity
technology available on the market. The people of Omoove share with me
the pride of representing another success of Italian excellence. We want
to bring the performance of Energica and the innovation of Omoove to the
most beautiful roads in the world.”

“Engines and innovation have always been in our DNA, our goal is to
be able to give our customers not only a state-of-the-art product, but a
connected and smart ‘Energica’ environment. Thanks to the partnership
with Octo the driving experience on our products is amplified giving
riders a new exclusive feeling,
” said Livia Cevolini, CEO of
Energica Motor Company S.p.A.