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Ocean Network Express Chooses TPS Valparaíso To Launch XVELA Collaborative Platform in Latin America

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XVELA, the world’s first maritime business network for ocean carriers and terminal operators, announced that Ocean Network Express (ONE) and TPS Valparaiso have successfully implemented XVELA as part of a partnership between the three companies announced earlier this year.

ONE selected XVELA to help improve visibility and efficient data exchanges between various stakeholders and chose TPS Valparaiso as the launch point for its global collaboration campaign. Centrally located in Chile, TPS Valparaiso is one of the most important terminals in Chile. Through this implementation, ONE and TPS Valparaiso will be able to streamline communication between ONE’s planners and terminal operators and collaborate in real-time.

“Our focus is to offer a superior service to our customers, and XVELA provides us with functions that allow better integration between the shipping company and the terminal, which means better planning of our ships,” said Paulo Biazotti, Vice President LAWC, ONE. “We chose TPS for this project because of its proactivity offering innovation in a market as traditional as shipping, and because we share a similar approach to customer solutions.”

In a statement, TPS General Manager Oliver Weinrich said that TPS is “…very honored that ONE has chosen to work with us on this project, in a totally pioneering way in Chile, which at the same time reaffirms our fluid and instantaneous way, in key aspects for operational coordination.”

XVELA’s shared platform will provide visibility on the arrival and stability of ships coming into the terminal and will help maximize the efficiency of TPS vessel calls. Improving the communication that underpins this historically painstaking process will go a long way towards helping both carriers and terminals maximize returns and optimize operations.

“We believe shared data and communication will improve operations and efficiencies at terminals across the globe,” said Sumitha Sampath, VP of Operations at XVELA. “This partnership with ONE and TPS Valparaiso will help facilitate cloud-based communication in real-time and provide a platform to drive transparency and collaboration among partners.”

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XVELA provides a transformative, cloud-based collaboration platform and maritime business network that drives transparency, efficiency and profitability to ocean carriers and terminal operators. Through real-time collaboration, shared data and actionable visibility across the vessel rotation, XVELA enables terminals, carriers and their operational partners to work together to simplify, coordinate and synchronize their operations, starting with stowage planning and quickly expanding to berth management and port call optimization. The result is a win-win solution that allows both terminals and carriers to forge new efficiencies, improve customer service and reliability, and capture substantial untapped savings across the ocean supply chain.

Backed by Navis, the leading provider of software and services for terminal operators and ocean carriers, XVELA operates as an independent entity focused on enabling collaboration and operational visibility. For more information, visit

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