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NXT Factory Unveils Its High-Speed Quantum-Laser-Sintering QLS 350 at Rapid + TCT 2019

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NXT Factory, a pioneer in the development of Quantum Laser Sintering
(QLS™) that additively manufactures thermoplastics at convincing speed,
today announced that it will reveal its first fully automated polyamide
manufacturing system, the QLS 350, at Rapid + TCT 2019. NXT
plans to demonstrate its groundbreaking 3D printer at the XponentialWorks
booth #2117 at the Cobb Center in Detroit, May 21-23.

NXT Factory invites industry practitioners, qualified resellers and
strategic partners to see firsthand the power and potential of this new
category of 3D printers. To reserve your private viewing of the QLS 350
at Rapid + TCT, please make your appointment today by clicking
. Availability is limited. The company is accepting
orders with shipments to commence early in the second half of 2019.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring to market the first ever
high-speed, high-temp, high-performance polymer system at comparable
costs and performance of injection molding,” said Kuba Graczyk,
Co-founder and CEO, NXT Factory. “Over the past three years, we have
worked diligently to develop, test and perfect what we believe to be the
only fully automated laser sintering production system featuring
robotically guided exchangeable powder cart, integrated thermal
management and multiple sensors. Our cloud-based production management
system gives end users total control over their printing processes.”

Featuring the highest part throughput in its class, the QLS 350 delivers
significant savings compared to traditional tooling costs and provides
unprecedented production throughput and flexibility. The QLS 350
produces up to 4X the print speed of traditional laser sintering
technologies and is on par with the print speed of multi-jet fusion
printers thanks to its proprietary beam delivery system and overall
autonomous powder management.

With its removable robotically guided print chamber, for independent
cool down and autonomous depowering module, the QLS 350 delivers a
polymer-based production alternative to traditional injection molding
with full Industry 4.0 capabilities designed for fully automated
lights-out 24/7 operation.

“We have been privileged to work with leading automotive suppliers to
successfully validate our QLS 350 cost effectiveness and demonstrate how
ownership of this unique system can increase productivity, expand
margins and make low-to-medium size production runs of 8,000 to 12,000
parts per run more profitable,” said Avi Reichental, Co-Founder and
Executive Chairman, NXT Factory. “Together with our automotive partner,
we are successfully improving the cost effectiveness of short production
runs, including the elimination of expansive tooling, and the reduction
of changeover times while printing with supply chain validated materials
that are recognized by the injection molding industry.” Media
kit available here.

In connection with the reveal of the QLS 350, NXT Factory announced the
launch of its preferred materials partner program with qualified
third-party suppliers. This program is designed to open NXT Factory’s
higher throughput production platform to access by the world’s best
material suppliers that share the company’s focus on accelerating the
adoption of digital manufacturing into mainstream production
applications. Suppliers who are interested in the details of NXT
Factory’s Partner Program are invited to apply by visiting and clicking
and scheduling a private appointment at Rapid + TCT.

“At the heart of our technology is our proprietary beam delivery
integration with deep-learning algorithms that make real-time predictive
and prescriptive choices to enable intelligent high-speed printing and
real time quality monitoring layer by layer,” said Tomasz Cieszyński,
Co-Founder and CTO, NXT Factory. “We are focusing all of our development
and manufacturing efforts around product quality and reliability to
ensure that each and every one of our customers enjoys continuous and
repeatable performance on their production floor.”

The QLS 350 comes equipped with a robotically guided removable print
chamber, built in thermal management and automated docking. The system
can also be ordered with a fully autonomous depowering system for
continuous operations.

About NXT Factory

NXT Factory is pioneering the development of Quantum Laser Sintering
(QLS™) technology that additively manufactures thermoplastics at
convincing speed and scale. The company is leveraging this technology
into its first industrial-grade high-speed additive manufacturing
systems with a clear mandate to replace traditional injection molding of
plastic parts at scale. NXT Factory believes that products currently
manufactured using injection molding can be produced better, faster and
cheaper with NXT Factory’s proprietary QLS™ technology. Our purpose is
to accelerate the transition of additive manufacturing from rapid
prototyping to industrial strength. We stand on the shoulders of the
greatest men and women whom have successfully pioneered additive
manufacturing as we know it today and honor them by multiplexing their
teachings into an exponential additive technology that is simply
unstoppable. For more information, visit