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Numerator’s InfoScout OmniPanel Now Tops 700 Million Shopping Trips

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a leading provider of omnichannel insight across what, why and how
consumers buy, announced today that its InfoScout OmniPanel now features
over 700 million shopping trips, through the capture of 700 million
receipts. Numerator captures receipts to track consumer retail
purchasing behavior for major brands and retailers.

The 700 million receipts provide rich coverage beyond traditional brick
and mortar retailers (grocery, mass and drug stores) which have
contracted to 58% of CPG sales*. The brick and mortar store contraction
and need for omnichannel consumer insights are driven by the rise of
small-format stores, the expansion of online purchasing and newer hybrid
channels (e.g., order online and pick up in store), and new purchasing

High volume omnichannel receipt capture also provides detailed coverage
of small and mid-size brands and retailers, in addition to large brands
and retailers. In 2018, year over year sales growth at large brands and
retailer sales were flat versus the prior year; retail sales growth is
primarily driven by emerging channels and brands covered by Numerator.

Numerator is recognized for transparency with panelists about data use
and collects data from panelists based on what they are already doing
every day — using their phones to upload content. Users provide data
through gamification apps, resulting in rewards and charitable

In the past 12 months, Numerator has captured 200 million U.S. shopping
trips for its 450,000+ panel, which equates to over seven shopping trips
per panelist per week and allows more accurate analysis of household
spending behavior.

About Numerator

Numerator is the leading provider of omnichannel insight into what, why
and how consumers buy — and who those consumers are. 75% of Numerator’s
Top 100 customers use multiple Numerator products. Numerator connects
omnichannel purchase data (powered by the Numerator InfoScout OmniPanel)
and comprehensive path data to deliver an unmatched view of the consumer
shopping and purchase experience. Numerator is headquartered in Chicago,
Illinois with 1,400 employees in seven offices. Find out more at

*Numerator Insights Purchasing Reporting, Q2 2018