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Number One Ranking MSSP ACO Wins 2019 Healthcare Innovation Innovator Award

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Lightbeam Health Solutions, a leader in end-to-end population health
management solutions and services, congratulated Millennium Physician
Group (MPG) for winning the 2019
Healthcare Innovation Innovator Award

The 400+ physician group, based in Fort Myers, FL, took first place
among healthcare providers/organizations in the annual awards program.
They were honored for their work in using big data to create a holistic
view of excessive use of the emergency department (ED) among their
patients served by their accountable care organization (ACO) and to gain
meaningful insights into its highest risk patients overall. The
Innovator Awards program recognizes leadership teams from healthcare
organizations that have effectively deployed information technology to
improve clinical, administrative, financial, or organizational

The award program’s judges recognized MPG’s work to create a holistic
view of their more than 250,000 patients, particularly the 45,000 who
were attributed to Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACOs
(including one Track 3 ACO). MPG was challenged in this effort by the
fact that their data sources were spread throughout more than 100+
locations across more than 10 counties, and unaffiliated post-acute care
settings. Further complicating the effort was the use of disparate
electronic health records (EHRs) and other health information technology
platforms throughout the system, as well as limited access to payer data.

“The terms ‘value-based care’ and ‘population health management’ have
been rattling around healthcare for several years now, but often it
doesn’t seem like much progress has been made in achieving them,” said
Jorge Miranda, Executive Vice President of Lightbeam Health Solutions.
“The work MPG has done to make them a reality, and the shared savings
they’ve been able to earn to date, offer a real, working example of what
can happen when population health data analytics are unleashed. We
congratulate MPG on earning this tremendous honor and are proud to have
a played a role in their ongoing success.”

To improve cost-of-care visibility and care management, MPG implemented
an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) integrated with a population health
management platform from Lightbeam Health Solutions. The unified system
aggregated and normalized clinical and Medicare claims data and combined
it with social determinants of health (SDoH) data to risk-stratify their
population. Once implemented, the EDW used the Florida HIE to alert care
managers in near real-time about the frequent ED users. MPG providers
could then intervene with emergency providers at the point of care to
enroll patients into a transitional care management program.

The Lightbeam Population Health Management platform also enabled care
managers to gain a holistic view of the highest risk patients by
creating cohorts around their risk factors. Patients were then
automatically tracked throughout the care continuum, and care managers
were able to pursue proactive interventions as needed to overcome
adherence obstacles. As their quality indicators and risk factors
improved due to the increased care, they were dropped out of the cohort.

By delivering care more efficiently and eliminating redundant or
unnecessary tests and treatments without sacrificing care quality, MPG
was able to generate outstanding results for the 2017 MSSP performance
year, including:

  • Nearly $30 million in shared savings, up from $18.5 million the
    previous year
  • Number one ranking among ACOs in the U.S. in terms of shared savings
  • Number eight ranking in the country in total savings at $42 million

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About Millennium Physician Group

Formed in 2008, Millennium Physician Group (MPG) has grown into one of
the largest comprehensive primary care practices with more than 400
health care providers located throughout Florida. The Fort Myers,
Florida based organization includes primary care offices, imaging
centers, laboratory services and wellness programs. It also offers
programs such as weight management and smoking cessation led by MPG
physicians. To learn more, visit

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