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Nucleus Research’s 2021 iPaaS Technology Value Matrix Identifies a Demand for Cloud Adoption and Data-Centric Organizations Following the Pandemic

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Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) technology solutions experienced significant growth in 2020 thanks to a rise in virtual work environments, according to Nucleus Research’s 2021 iPaaS Technology Value Matrix.

The report identified Dell Boomi, IBM, MuleSoft, TIBCO,, and Workato as “Leaders” in iPaaS solutions offerings due to their abilities to offer users strong integration between applications while maintaining simplified processes more easily accessible to non-technical users.

“The best iPaaS solutions help organizations save time, energy and resources by offering easy-to-use integration across data and applications in a cloud environment, taking the burden away from technical staff and allowing them to be deployed elsewhere for maximum value,” said Research Analyst Nicholas Grizzell. “The ‘Leaders’ named in our 2021 iPaaS Value Matrix offer businesses the ability to protect business operations while supporting organizational scalability and flexibility.”

Nucleus Research anticipated further growth in iPaaS in 2021 as remote working environments continue and, in some cases, become permanent. This will continue the high levels of cloud adoption seen in 2020, as well as “the demand for integration between applications, workflows, databases and data.”

To create the 2021 iPaaS Value Matrix, Nucleus Research evaluated the technologies offered by several organizations to determine which ones offer users maximum return-on-investment.

To download the full 2021 iPaaS Value Matrix, click here.

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