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Nucleus Research Inventory Optimization Value Matrix Leaders Refresh Supply Chain Management Processes and Streamline Efficiency for Enterprises

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The 2019 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix for Inventory
Optimization (IO) shows increasing competitive pressure to improve
supply chain efficiency and operation as vendors look to refresh their
supply chain management processes. Leading planning systems are
providing visibility both within and without a company’s walls,
facilitating a holistic approach to inventory tracking and the ability
to optimize across multiple echelons of trading partners and suppliers.

Inventory Optimization Value Matrix Leaders include: E2open, JDA
Software, One Network, ToolsGroup, and Vanguard.

“The demand for solutions that enable organizations to plan around
balancing service delivery with stocking levels is becoming more
pronounced as the competitive landscape and shifts in consumer behavior
present new challenges. Historically, many organizations answered the
challenges they faced by carrying more inventory to cover risks and
uncertainty. However, IO solutions are enabling organizations to find a
better balance between stocking levels, service, and cost,” said Seth
Lippincott, analyst at Nucleus Research.

IO solutions remain a critical area of focus for supply chain planners
as they are being asked to drive better results with fewer resources. In
this year’s Value Matrix, the goal for leading vendors has been to
provide planners with a full view of an enterprise’s inventory picture,
allowing planning to be integrated across different parts of the
business and extended the value chain.

Nucleus also notes that vendors have been bringing further automation
and intelligence capabilities to their software tools where these
technologies are gaining traction and are ideally suited for use cases
within supply chain planning and optimization.

About the Inventory Optimization Technology Value Matrix

The Nucleus IO Value Matrix measures the ability of supply chain vendors
to deliver value in usability and functionality and are placed into four
categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers.
Customers can use the Matrices to evaluate vendor short lists as well as
to make the case for maintaining existing applications.

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