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NS1 Announces Nearly Triple-Digit Year-Over-Year Growth

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the leader in next-generation DNS and application traffic management
solutions, today announced it closed the first quarter of 2019 with
nearly triple-digit year-over-year revenue growth. The continued
momentum is evidence of NS1’s success in building solutions that are
critical to the efficient, reliable and secure delivery of modern
enterprise applications and infrastructure.

“Application infrastructure is becoming increasingly dynamic and
complex, and at the same time, enterprises are challenged to deliver the
highest levels of performance and security for their users,” said Kris
Beevers, co-founder and CEO, NS1. “In these highly distributed
environments, NS1’s purpose-built enterprise traffic stack provides the
automation, velocity, resiliency and security needed for modern
application delivery – all the way from the cloud to behind the

NS1 expanded its offerings during the first quarter to include the Domain
Security Suite
, a turnkey suite of enterprise-grade DNS (domain name
system) services and capabilities designed to keep organizations and
their customers safe from a growing number of DNS
. An uptick in DNS-related attacks spawned emergency
directives from the Cybersecurity
and Infrastructure Security Agency
and the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
. These orders call for
widespread adoption of DNSSEC,
a core competency for NS1, and rising concerns about DNS as a threat
vector are driving increased demand for security through redundancy and
resiliency. NS1’s new Domain Security Suite makes it easy for customers
to benefit from dual DNS Network Redundancy, DNSSEC without compromise
to performance or functionality, and critical visibility into DNS usage
for superior threat intelligence.

Performance improvements were also top of mind for NS1 during Q1 2019.
The company completed the acquisition of network performance
optimization technologies from,
a provider of secure and dedicated full-mesh connectivity across cloud
regions and providers. Datapath’s technology benefits align with and
augment existing
traffic management solutions
, and the advancement will drive NS1’s
continued efforts to support modern application delivery.

The acquisition and Domain Security Suite launch follow major platform
upgrades and enhancements to NS1’s suite of next-generation application
traffic management solutions from 2018, including Private
, a self-hosted DNS platform designed to work in increasingly
automated enterprise infrastructure and complex hybrid environments.

“DNS is the entry point for every internet application, and the
explosion in infrastructure complexity and velocity is driving a
significant need for innovation,” said Eric Hanselman, chief analyst,
451 Research.

“NS1 is addressing this challenge with automated, software-defined
application traffic management capabilities that are consumable across
hybrid environments, driven by real-time data, and tightly integrated
into delivery and orchestration stacks.”

Other noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Sales Leadership Expansion – NS1 expanded its executive
    sales team
    to support the accelerated company momentum in response
    to market demand for automationIT
     and cyber
    risk mitigation
    . Warren Mead joined NS1 as vice president of
    channel and strategic accounts to focus on establishing a channel
    strategy, field alignment and training to ensure customer success. Rob
    Clifford, vice president of sales for North America, will provide
    oversight and strategic direction for sales operations and new market
    expansion. As tech industry veterans, both have long, distinguished
    track records of leading high-performing revenue teams at companies
    offering best-of-breed technologies and approaches.
  • Customer Retention and Growth – Q1 of 2019 brought new customer
    wins representing a diverse set of industries, such as banking, online
    insurance, healthcare, retail and gaming. It’s likely that half the
    applications on your phone – and many business applications and
    services – leverage NS1 for fast, secure and reliable user
    experiences. Always committed to customer service and success, NS1
    maintained its customer retention rate of more than 95% and closed Q1
    2019 with a 56 net promoter score, which is in the top tier among
    software-as-a-service companies.
  • Industry Contributions – To fulfill internal and customer needs
    for complex DNS performance and functionality testing, NS1’s
    engineering team created Flamethrower,
    a lightweight, configurable open source tool that is available on
    GitHub. Ideal for wargaming and chaos engineering, it provides traffic
    teams with a better understanding of the impact of potential changes
    to applications and infrastructure in actual production situations.

About NS1

NS1 is the leader in next-generation DNS and traffic management
solutions that orchestrate the delivery of the world’s most critical
internet and enterprise applications. Only NS1’s purpose-built platform,
which is built on a modern API-first architecture, transforms DNS into
an intelligent, efficient and automated system, driving dramatic gains
in reliability, resiliency, security and performance of application
delivery infrastructure. Many of the highest-trafficked sites and
largest global enterprises trust NS1, including Salesforce, LinkedIn,
Dropbox, Nielsen, Squarespace, Pandora and The Guardian. Visit
to learn more.