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Notarize Introduces the World’s First Closing Automation Platform for Lenders

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the first company to enable an entirely online real estate closing
process, is today introducing the world’s first Closing Automation
Platform. Lenders can now serve every type of closing — from fully
online to hybrid closings. Having just announced that it has facilitated
more than $1
billion in online real estate transactions
, Notarize is pioneering
the ability for anyone to buy, sell, or finance their home entirely

“The last four years have taught us plenty about what it takes to serve
lenders — from the fastest-growing national lenders to small banks and
credit unions,” said Notarize Founder and CEO, Pat Kinsel. “Our vision
for our lender platform has always been to support how, when, and where
borrowers want to close. Whether it’s a first-time homebuyer or a real
estate investor, we want to deliver incredible experiences that make one
of life’s most important moments easy, seamless, and memorable.”

Thrive Mortgage, a mortgage lender in Texas, credits Notarize’s Closing
Automation Platform for helping it become a fully digital mortgage
company. Together, Thrive Mortgage and Notarize have completed more than
100 closings online.

“Borrowers are closing on their homes in Starbucks and from their PJs.
They want painless, seamless experiences that don’t require them to sign
stacks of paper in person,” said Kelley Cooper Spencer, a Senior Closing
and Funding Manager at Thrive Mortgage. “That’s why we want every
closing to be powered by Notarize. In the not too distant future, we
won’t be debating remote online notarization and online closings – we’ll
be debating who is using those technologies to deliver the best customer
experience possible, and we want Thrive to be leading that conversation.”

For lenders, offering borrowers the ability to close on their homes
entirely online has been extremely powerful. Life happens outside of
normal business hours, and it can be a struggle to get to the closing
table. However not every loan can close online, nor will every borrower
want to opt-in. Many will still want to shake hands with their closing

Notarize’s Closing Automation Platform for Lenders empowers lenders to
offer fully online closings as well as hybrid closings.

The first is a fully automated, entirely digital experience that helps
homebuyers close on their home from anywhere in the world, on any
device. Hybrid closings allow most documents to be reviewed and
electronically signed with Notarize before the closing, but the big day
still happens in person.

With Notarize, lenders can offer an industry-leading borrower experience
and seamlessly collaborate with their closing partners.

Here are some of the tools and features lenders can take advantage of
today with Notarize:

Online Review – Every borrower can receive and review their
closing documents online. Loan officers can interact with your customers
online, even if every document is meant to be wet-signed.

Hybrid Closings – If a borrower isn’t eligible for an online
closing or opts out, they can still eSign the majority of the closing
documents online. This accelerates closing operations, reduces errors,
and provides a better closing.

Improved Online Closings – Together, apart, non-borrowing spouse,
parental guarantor… it doesn’t matter. With an update to Notarize’s
Online Closing platform a year in the making, every variety of closing
is now supported.

Improved Smart Routing – Simply send every closing to Notarize.
Set business rules and rely upon Notarize’s intelligent, Closing
Automation Platform to offer every borrower the appropriate type of
closing. Gain efficiencies in all cases.

Notarize Connect – Leverage Notarize’s award-winning solution to
join online closings as they happen and invite title companies and other
partners to do the same.

Notarize has developed a platform with closing automation at its core,
taking the heavy lifting out of every closing. The platform is designed
for convenience and streamlines the entire home buying experience —
everything from organizing your digital documents to your meeting with
the notary.

Notarize is helping homebuyers and sellers close on their dream homes,
entirely online, from anywhere in the world. Get Access to Notarize for
Lenders Here.

About Notarize

Notarize is the first platform to empower thousands of people each day
to sign and notarize documents online. From adopting a child to buying a
home, Notarize builds trusted products and services that support life’s
most important moments. As the first company in the country to complete
a fully online real estate closing, Notarize is used by more than 1,000
title agents and the fastest growing national lenders.

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