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Nimble Delivers Contact Unification, Automated Data Enrichment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners and Customers

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— the Simple, Smart CRM for Office 365 — today announced two-way contact
data synchronization and automated data enrichment for Microsoft
Dynamics 365 Business Central, Office 365, and other business data
sources. A fast-growing network of CSPs worldwide are reselling Nimble
as both a simple CRM for Business Central and an onramp to more
sophisticated systems.

“It’s hard to truly understand your customers, partners, and
suppliers when your CRM is broken, and critical relationship data and
conversations are siloed in Business Central, Office 365, and other
front- and back-office systems across the organization
,” said Nimble
CEO Jon Ferrara
. “Microsoft users love using Nimble because our
automated, instantaneous insights enable workgroups to become smarter
about managing relationships across front- and back-end systems wherever
they’re working.”

A company-wide relationship management platform for Business Central

Nimble and PieSync provide a complete view of every business
relationship within the company, gathering contact data from Business
Central, Office 365, and any number of siloed data sources into a single
system. AI and automation build, enrich, update, and sync customer
records, freeing users from spending endless amounts of time manually
keying in or migrating data. Ease of use and universal accessibility
help drive an average 80%
Nimble user adoption rate
, according to verified user reviews on G2

Nimble powered business data, combined with Dynamics Business
Central business management capabilities, is a huge step forward for
smart businesses that want to use their data as a competitive
said Eamon Moore, CEO and co-founder of Hikari
Data Solutions

A recent winner of Microsoft’s CSP Partner of the Year Award, Eamon
describes three primary use cases for Business Central customers using
Nimble and its embedded PieSync integration:

  • Unlocking company and relationship data, as well as standard and
    custom fields from Business Central
    , allows sales and
    business development teams to follow up on key information or
    potential opportunities uncovered by the finance group and other
    back-office staff members.
  • Providing in-app access to a unified database of relationship data
    gathered from multiple systems, including Office 365 and more than 170
    SaaS business apps. Access to unified knowledge saves time and
    eliminates the errors commonly associated with maintaining “multiple
    versions of the truth.”
  • Enriched, 360-degree views of every Business Central
    relationship helps team members cultivate strategic, loyal
    relationships with key stakeholders within their day-to-day workflows.

This 2-way synchronization not only saves time, but it also enriches
the contacts’ profiles with the information both tools gather,”
said Mattias
Putman, Founder & CTO of PieSync
. “We built a solution that
enables users to visualize certain financial details of their customers
within Nimble
. At the same time, the social insights gathered by
the CRM are automatically available in Business Central

Nimble can either serve as a customer’s simple CRM for Office 365, an
integrated front/back-office solution, or a company-wide clearinghouse
of relationship data across multiple cloud-based applications.

Some of our clients that aren’t ready for Dynamics 365 for Sales use
Nimble as a simple-but-powerful contact relationship manager,”
said David
, practice manager, Dynamic
Consulting, LLC
. “Having easy visibility to company and
contact information, without having to duplicate entries manually
between applications, will improve sales and vendor relationships for
SMB customers using both of these offerings.”

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is ideally suited for
businesses that want an enterprise-class business management solution, we
recommend Nimble for small teams that want an end-to-end solution with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for its back office,
Rosalyn Arntzen, President and CEO of Amaxra.
“As customer needs evolve, Nimble integrates with Microsoft
Dynamics 365 for Sales, enabling employees to access complete records
for every contact, within appropriate workflows and everywhere they
engage customers online.”

Availability and Pricing

PieSync is available for two weeks at no cost on an unlimited basis;
with the Nimble Business plan, 2,000 contacts can be kept in live sync
at no additional cost on an ongoing basis. Upgrades for higher-volume
data syncs are available starting at $9/month. Nimble Business
available starting at $19/user/month when purchased through a
CSP — provides a complete CRM for workgroups. The all-in-one contact
management solution has marketing automation and sales enablement built
into it.


ABOUT NIMBLE – Nimble is the simple, smart CRM platform that
Office 365 and G Suite users trust to find prospects, nurture
relationships, and close more deals — all without leaving their inbox.
Thousands of people use Nimble to successfully nurture their personal
and business relationships across email, social networks, and more than
160 SaaS business applications.

Nimble has been named “Market Leading CRM for Customer Satisfaction and
Ease of Use” by many experts, including CRM
Market Leader by G2 Crowd in Spring 2019
for the seventh consecutive
year, CRM
Watchlist Winner
for three consecutive years, #1 Sales Intelligence
Tool for Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd for the eighth consecutive
time and users’ choice award winner by Fit
Small Business

Nimble combines the strengths of traditional CRM, classic contact
management, social media, sales intelligence, and marketing automation
into one powerful relationship management platform that delivers
valuable relationship insights everywhere you work. Try
Nimble’s 14-day free trial
today, or learn more at

Located in Santa Monica, Nimble is in the heart of the Southern
California Silicon Beach tech community and was recently voted
The Most Loved Santa Monica Tech Startup
. For more information,


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