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Nihon Kohden Launches Neuropack® S3 Electrodiagnostic System Offering Unparalleled Clean Waveforms

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Nihon Kohden, a U.S. market leader in precision medical products and
services, today announced the launch of its Neuropack S3
electrodiagnostic (EDX) system, an advanced multimodality platform for
neurodiagnostic procedures. Featuring the company’s latest-generation
amplifiers and signal processing technology, the Neuropack S3 is
designed to offer high-quality EDX studies while minimizing footprint
and improving portability.

The Neuropack S3 system was developed to be flexible enough for use in
both hospitals and private practices to conduct electromyography, nerve
conduction studies, evoked potentials, and other diagnostic procedures.
The system includes a built-in intelligent stimulation artifact filter,
which allows clinicians to improve NCS waveforms in real time and
further improves the quality and clarity of signals from Nihon Kohden’s
industry-leading amplifiers.

“At Nihon Kohden, we pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed quality
and reliability of the signal quality from our amplifiers,” said John
Korney, vice president, marketing, Nihon Kohden America. “But we are not
willing to rest on our current successes. We continue to improve our
technology, and every advancement we make is designed to help clinicians
make decisions faster and easier.”

The Neuropack S3 exceeds the performance of earlier-generation EDX
systems by providing exceptional signal data quality with input box
options for 2 or 4 channels, Hz and an 18-bit analog-to-digital

All Neuropack S3 recordings are captured and stored locally on the PC
and through Nihon Kohden’s Neuroworkbench application, and can be set to
automatically transfer to short- and long-term storage locations.
Clinicians can schedule, review, and create reports from other PCs
connected to the Neuroworkbench database. Optional software
customizations include autostoring up to 10 minutes of raw EMG data per
site, allowing full playback review of each monitored muscle.

The Neuropack S3 comes in standard desktop and laptop models, which
revolutionizes the portability of EDX systems by offering a non-cart
option that packs up and transports in a shoulder carry bag. The
lightweight, slim design of the Neuropack S3 gives clinicians more space
in patient exam rooms and enables them to quickly get comfortable with
the technology. In addition, clinicians can choose from three stimulator
models, each with unique ergonomic designs, to find the right handheld
device for their comfort and needs.

About Nihon Kohden Corporation

Founded in Japan in 1951, Nihon Kohden is a leading manufacturer,
developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment, with
subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The company’s products are
now used in more than 120 countries, and it is the largest supplier of
electroencephalography products worldwide. A pioneer in transformational
healthcare technology, Nihon Kohden has envisioned, designed and
produced revolutionary devices, such as pulse oximeters, arrhythmia
analysis, low-invasive blood volume monitoring and wireless patient
monitoring. In the U.S., the company is a trusted source for patient
monitoring, sleep assessment, neurology and cardiology instrumentation
solutions, and has been rated No. 1 in patient monitoring or telemetry
for more than 10 consecutive years (MD Buyline). For more information,

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