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Nexus Health Media Launches With Acquisition of Medical Education Platform Nexus Oncology

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M2 Health Media, an Austin, Texas-based health and medical education delivery company, has acquired Nexus Oncology and renamed itself Nexus Health Media. The company will serve as a one-stop-shop for unbiased, scientific and non-promotional health and medical education, and clinical and scientific updates. Nexus Oncology will be relaunching as a subsidiary under Nexus Health Media as the first of several health verticals.

Nexus Health Media and Nexus Oncology partner with medical, pharmaceutical and health care experts to make information available to oncologists across the globe, improving and renovating how information is delivered in modern cancer care. With urgent patient needs and new oncology research published frequently, the accessibility and accuracy of data is key to better patient outcomes.

After two decades in the industry, taking two detours to launch successful tech start-ups, CEO Mike Gramling has now set his sights on disrupting the medical education space. “Instead of physicians having to seek out and go get the most timely, trusted and credible information, the Nexus platforms put it at their fingertips,” says Gramling. “We’re not just taking a step forward in medical education, we’re moving it leaps and bounds ahead.”

Oncologists can get their first experience with the Nexus Oncology service by signing up for timely, non-promotional scientific and clinical updates from American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) on May 29 on its new website, The opt-in feature is also available on

Over the next 90 days, the Nexus Oncology website will offer current, up-to-date news in cancer care, with a user-friendly experience, easy navigation and functionality, allowing physicians to retrieve information at their convenience. The company’s next verticals will be in hematology and cardiology.

As someone who has lost three family members to cancer, Gramling has seen firsthand the impact that informed physicians can have on patient outcomes. “Building a network of key opinion leaders and community oncologists, making it easier for them to connect and stay informed, will ultimately make the lives of patients and their families better,” said Gramling.

About Nexus Health Media:

Nexus Health Media is disrupting the status in how medical education is delivered and received by informing physicians with up-to-the-minute scientific treatment advances in different diseases right at their fingertips. They leverage decades of healthcare expertise and emerging technology to provide data, analysis, and educational opportunities from experts across the globe.

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