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New Release of InterSystems HealthShare® Offers Provider Directory

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a global leader in information technology platforms for health,
business, and government applications, has released the 2019.1 version
of the InterSystems HealthShare® suite of connected health solutions.
HealthShare unites providers, patients, and payers with a unified care
record and delivers foundational technology for connected health
solutions. The newest member of the suite, HealthShare Provider
Directory, offers a single source of truth for provider demographic and
professional relationship information. With enhancements made to the
clinical viewer, analytics, and interoperability, the latest version of
HealthShare offers more functionality, scalability, communication, and
extended decision support than ever before.

Inaccurate provider information has consequences – for patients, payers,
and the providers themselves. Wrong telephone numbers and location
information limits access to care. Inadvertently choosing an
out-of-network provider can result in catastrophic healthcare bills.
Health plans have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for
publishing inaccurate directories. And, inaccurate information
propagated across multiple clinical and administrative systems at a
hospital or integrated delivery network can negatively impact efficiency
and cash flow. A 2017-2018 CMS review of Medicare Advantage Organization
provider directories found that nearly 49 percent of them contained
inaccurate information.

To respond to this, InterSystems created the HealthShare Provider
Directory module, a master data management solution that automates the
process of collecting, consolidating, and publishing accurate provider
information. It enables users to more easily comply with regulations,
enhance customer service, and improve the efficiency of any business
process that requires up-to-date and accurate provider information.

As part of the HealthShare 2019.1 release, InterSystems also renamed its
flagship HealthShare product module, HealthShare Information Exchange,
to HealthShare
Unified Care Record
to better reflect the robust functionality of
the technology.

“Interoperability and information exchange are hot topics now, but
technology can do better than simply moving data around. If these
government initiatives are going to be the foundation for innovation in
healthcare, organizations need to aggregate information and build upon a
true unified care record – then put the data to use to improve the
patient care experience, drive down costs, and improve the health of
populations,” said Don Woodlock, vice president of InterSystems
HealthShare. “At InterSystems, we are committed to providing solutions
that drive care coordination with enhanced intelligence to meet
caregiver and patient needs.”

The latest HealthShare release also includes enhancements to its
clinical viewer, expanded HL7® FHIR® capabilities, and out-of-the-box
analytics functionality. InterSystems HealthShare 2019.1 is now
available. To learn more, visit

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