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New Features in CirQlive MEETS V7: Larger Web-Conferences with Zoom Video Webinars and New Personal Calendar Features

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has released new interoperability features for MEETS V7 — which is an
interoperability solution connecting almost any web-conferencing
platform, including Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans, Zoom and GoToMeeting, to
most learning management systems including Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas,
D2L, and others. MEETS V7 now supports Zoom Video Webinars of groups as
large as 10,000 attendees for live virtual events and broadcasting in
K-12, higher education, and corporate learning. Click
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CirQlive MEETS V7 also has new calendaring features. MEETS V7 now
supports personal calendar functions for students, college faculty,
teachers, and administrators by automatically populating an individual’s
calendar with the online session date, time, and a secure link to the
session. This works with all major calendars including Microsoft
Outlook, Google Calendars, and others. MEETS V7 also sends out email
notifications about sessions using personalized templates.

CirQlive solves interoperability problems between critical education
tools in education and corporate learning. Currently, learning
management systems like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and D2L don’t fully
interface with web-conferencing platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting,
BlueJeans, and Cisco WebEx, which leaves critical gaps in workflow,
invites security problems, and limits utilization by the sheer
difficulty of trying to arrange web-conferences and online meetings
through the LMS.

Managing sessions in these two environments is notoriously difficult
because LMSs and web-conferencing platforms do not share data so
scheduling web-conferences is a multistep process requiring multiple
sign-ons and the potential for data breaches. With CirQlive’s newly
released features colleges, companies, and other institutions can rely
on MEETS V7 to simplify and streamline face-to-face meetings, online
office hours, and online courses, making the web-conference platform and
LMS more easily work together.

“For years, CirQlive has made it much easier for colleges and companies
to manage and deliver web-conferencing through their chosen learning
management system,” said Dov Friedman, CirQlive vice president for
business development. “Our newest features help the individual and the
institution. For individuals, they have a seamless connection to their
personal calendar. For institutions, CirQlive works with very large
groups of people in Zoom Video Webinars so that course administrators
can be confident in the ease, integrity, security, and reliability of
the connection.”

About CirQlive

CirQlive is the interoperability solution for learning management
systems and web-conferencing platforms used in educational institutions
and corporate learning. CirQlive MEETS V7 ensures that online learning,
face-to-face office hours, or any other educational application of the
major web-conferencing platforms works simply and reliably. MEETS V7
interfaces with major web-conferencing platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting,
BlueJeans, and Cisco WebEx and the most popular learning management
systems like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, D2L and others. Learn more at

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