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New App, Picticular, Allows Consumers to Find Movies on Any Streaming Platform Ending the Constant Frustration of Searching for Entertainment Content

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Filmgoers who have found themselves endlessly searching for their next film experience are now able to easily and conveniently find both upcoming films and films currently streaming on all platforms by downloading the new app, Picticular. Similar to a dating app, users can either swipe right or left to accept or reject film choices as suggested by the app’s proprietary AI technology.

Conceived in 2018 and co-founded by Todd Courtney, serial entrepreneur, 19-year Google senior executive, Marcel Van Lohuizen and former iHeartMedia executive, Lasse Hamre, Picticular has immediately captured the attention of the Hollywood studios because of its laser focus on films and how to easily access them – either on a streaming platform for immediate viewing or for marketing purposes for a new film.

“At the end of the day, we’re all film enthusiasts and there were countless times where I just gave up on my search for a film,” said Courtney. “There had to be a better and more convenient way to access films, particularly with the growing universe of streaming platforms. With Picticular, the fun of discovery begins while the frustration ends.”

Beyond the ability to easily find films on streaming platforms, Picticular offers so much more. The features include:

  • Immediate accessibility of content: Users can click on films in the app and can immediately begin viewing the film on the streaming platform’s app
  • Friend matching: app allows friends to privately share selections with each other
  • Ticket purchasing: Movie goers can soon purchase theater tickets directly from the app
  • Entertainment news: Movie fans will receive celebrity and entertainment news updates
  • Recommendations: With proprietary AI technology, the app will provide film suggestions to the user, based on previous selections

With Picticular’s growing audience of film fans, Hollywood has begun taking notice and has established relationships with the app. Most recently, Saban Films, which releases around 30 films per year through Paramount or Lionsgate, has been using the app since last December. For the Mel Gibson film, Fatman, Picticular captured comprehensive user data and the trailer had nearly two million views.

“As a studio executive, the benefits are significant,” said Jonathan Saba, SVP, Distribution and Marketing for Saban Films. “For example, Picticular’s private swiping feed ensures an impulsive decision around each film that ultimately provides us with invaluable data. The app allows for full visibility of past or current films with a critical monetization model and branding opportunities.”

According to the founders, Picticular is primed for ample growth at this juncture due to the benefits it provides the consumer and movie studio. With more and more entertainment purchases being made via apps, Picticular satisfies the insatiable appetite of the film enthusiast by providing a fun, simple and convenient way to access films. Meanwhile, the studios have embraced the app because it showcases their films in a uniquely appealing manner while enjoying the financial rewards of the multiple transactions consumers are making to access their content.