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New AI-Powered Zoovu Interface Brings Self-Service Digital Assistants to Market

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the leading AI conversational marketing platform, today announced the
launch of its new interface, delivering a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered,
self-service digital assistant suite to brands and retailers. Zoovu’s
enhanced offering fuels a new means of brand / consumer interaction and
engagement via solutions like chatbots and voice assistants, providing
authentic personalized experiences and conversations for shoppers as
they progress through their purchase journeys.

Global research firm Gartner recently
that by 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve
emerging technologies such as machine learning applications, chatbots
and other virtual personal assistants as they look to provide more
conversational consumer interactions. However, while the future is
bright for this market, Zoovu found
that nearly one-in-four marketers said that their current digital
assistant solutions aren’t intelligent, scalable or adaptive enough,
underscoring the need for an augmented product offering. As eCommerce
sites continue to evolve and customers seek more conversational,
contextual and personalized experiences, Zoovu’s new platform looks to
fill this gap.

Powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP)
technologies, Zoovu’s digital assistant enables brands to create more
personalized experiences for customers, tailoring responses and content
to each user’s interests. The new offering provides over 200 bespoke
templates, each with unique layouts, designs and conversational flows,
empowering brands to create an entirely customized digital assistant
based on their respective needs, as well as those of their customers.
The platform also features a variety of powerful add-on capabilities
including lead generation plugins, Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) integrations, a dynamic product tagging feature as well as
powerful reporting capabilities, which give companies insight into items
that are performing at the highest and lowest levels so that they can be
positioned to consumers accordingly.

“Self-service technology options are an increasingly-growing ask amongst
our customers, and we’re helping to revolutionize this market as it
relates to brands’ digital assistant deployment efforts,” said Rob
Mullen, chief executive officer, Zoovu.
“We’re in the business of
helping brands create more relatable, conversational touchpoints with
consumers, and our platform only enhances this effort. From Fortune 500
enterprises to SMBs with limited marketing budgets, the new Zoovu
interface provides the opportunity for digital assistants to be an
attainable asset for all brands regardless of size, industry or target

With Zoovu’s new self-service offering, brands no longer require
dedicated IT costs or resources to create and deploy digital assistants
and can take charge of the experience they wish to provide by having
direct access to the technology’s infrastructure. On the back-end, Zoovu
constantly collects interaction patterns to understand the positive and
negative elements of Q&A feeds, while also capturing behavioral data,
providing real-time insights to help brands and retailers optimize their
product recommendation and customer profile building efforts and ensure
more personalized and streamlined shopper experiences.

“Rather than thinking of a conversation as exclusively taking place
between one human and one machine, AI can be used to monitor and draw
insights from every conversation and learn from them to determine how
certain areas of a brand can perform better in the future,” continued Mullen.
“The Zoovu platform provides real-time reporting and insights into what
products are selling, which are struggling, which customers are drawn to
and more, delivering real-time ROI contributions.”

Zoovu’s self-service offering presents an affordable, high-impact
interface that allows companies of all sizes to deploy a customized
digital assistant. For more information about the platform and pricing,

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