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New 250ok Validation Software Finds Fewer False-Positive and False-Negative Email Address Verification Results

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250ok, an email analytics and deliverability platform, today unveiled its proprietary email validation feature providing marketers a better way to ensure their marketing emails are reaching engaged, real consumers. According to benchmark tests run by 250ok, on average, 250ok Validation is up to 40% better at finding undeliverable addresses and returned 9-15 times less “unknown” results, with up to 99.5% of competitors’ unknown results returning as Verified ValidTM. 250ok’s entry into the validation market, currently including companies like BriteVerify (Validity), FreshAddress, and Neverbounce, marks another diversification to complement their single-point email data solution.

“When senders are able to get more accurate results, they can send more email to deliverable addresses with confidence,” said Alex Griffis, SVP of product at 250ok. “The more invalid addresses on a list, the greater the chance of damage to sender reputation and overall deliverability, which results in less email ROI and missed customer opportunities.”

In tests using actual email lists from real customers using other validation providers, 250ok found data to suggest leading vendors are underreporting valid addresses and further misclassifying addresses as “undeliverable.”

“At its core, 250ok’s email validation technology is focused on accuracy. While email list validation vendors cater to risk reduction after acquiring an address, we’re aiming to accelerate marketing enablement proactively, at the point of collection,” said Griffis.

Additionally, other vendors charge marketers for each address passed through their validation system, making continuous list hygiene a financial challenge. 250ok instead provides access based on monthly sending volume and accounts only for unique email addresses, allowing marketers the flexibility to have ongoing management and monitoring of their lists at a fraction of the cost.

“Unlike other validation tools, I don’t have to worry about paying for addresses I’ve already checked. By only charging per each unique address, I can continuously ensure my lists stay accurate,” said Steven Mastrocola, director of CRM at SeatGeek.

250ok Validation is the sixth feature to be added to 250ok’s expanding platform, joining Inbox, Reputation, DMARC, Analytics, and, most recently, Design, creating the most comprehensive third-party email optimization toolset available. By combining email deliverability, hygiene, design, security, and engagement analytics into a single solution, 250ok now allows marketers to consolidate multiple marketing technology stacks with significant cost savings.

Additionally, 250ok Validation will soon release real-time verification and a web form plugin to further enable marketers to verify email addresses as they are collected. With the ability to customize parameters and help subscribers catch typos, platform users can be proactive about their list hygiene at the point of collection.

This announcement follows 250ok receiving its SOC 2 Type II certification, further solidifying 250ok’s dedication to implementing best-in-class security protocols for its operational policies, controls, and service delivery, as well as offering a GDPR-compliant solution.

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