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Netography Adds Bill Magnuson to Board, Gus Cunningham to Management Team, Receives Additional Funding

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an autonomous network security platform that serves as enterprises’
virtual border security, today announced that Gus Cunningham, former COO
of Prolexic, has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). In
addition, Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CEO of Braze, has joined the
company’s board of directors. The company has also raised additional
seed capital from Robin Vasan’s Mango Capital.

Netography provides a cloud-based service that works as virtual border
security, helping security operations and network teams work smarter,
not harder. It leverages the wealth of real-time flow data produced by
network devices to continuously and automatically detect and then
remediate or block malicious traffic such as DDoS attacks, botnets, data
extraction, login attempts and more. Led by Barrett Lyon and Dan Murphy,
the Netography team comprises seminal figures in anti-DDoS and network
security from Prolexic (acquired by Akamai), BitGravity (acquired by
Tata Communications), XDN (acquired by Fortinet), and
(acquired by F5 Networks).

Cunningham reunites with his former Prolexic colleagues. He joined
Prolexic when the company had less than $2 million in annual revenue,
and grew it to almost $50 million in annual revenue, prior to its sale
to Akamai. After Prolexic, he joined ScrapeSentry, a spin-off of leading
managed security services (MSS) firm Sentor, as CEO. There he also grew
the business over 200% before selling it to Distil Networks. Cunningham
also previously built out the MSS business for Globix in EMEA.

“As we make progress toward general availability of the Netography
platform, which we expect to release in the second quarter of this year,
we are thrilled to have a sales executive of Gus’ caliber on board,
alongside the support of Bill and Robin,” said Barrett Lyon, CEO of
Netography. “Initial conversations with customers are validating our
thesis that Netography provides a clean, simple, first line of security
that dramatically reduces the load on an organization’s network and
team. We look forward to bringing our service to market on a broader
basis soon, with Gus driving our sales efforts as he has done
successfully before.”

“The Netography team have been groundbreakers in network security for
the last two decades,” said Robin Vasan, Founder and General Partner at
Mango Capital. “Now they are leveraging their accumulation of knowledge,
codified into software and algorithms, and combined with the ubiquity of
cloud, to deliver a truly light-weight first line of defense for network
security. My passion is working with technical founders as they form
their product and market strategies, and I am thrilled to be supporting
the Netography team.”

“Barrett and his team are building something so elegant and powerful
that every organization should be adding it to their arsenal, with
dramatic results,” said Bill Magnuson, co-founder and CEO of Braze, and
member of the board of Netography. “I am thrilled to be joining the
board as they take the offering to market, and helping evangelize their
ideas among our enterprise communities.”

About Netography

Netography enables effectual autonomous network security and provides
telemetry to stop threats that typically go unseen. The Netography
platform is a seamless view of global infrastructure and cloud services
and leverages extremely advanced algorithms to detect threats and
automatically responding to them. With Netography you can turn a
standard network into an intelligently self-correcting system that
serves as your first line of defense.

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