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NEC Introduces Unique, Adaptive Energy Warranty to Optimize Value for Energy Storage Customers

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NEC Energy Solutions (NEC ES), today announced the introduction of its
unique, Adaptive Energy Warranty which uses energy storage system usage
data to adapt a system’s energy capacity warranty to fit a customer’s
use profile. NEC’s proprietary, advanced AEROS® software
platform provides real time usage data to predict energy storage
capacity degradation based on different use profiles. The result allows
energy storage customers to maximize the value of their power with the
knowledge and flexibility to use their system any way they want without
worrying about the warranty. The warranty will adapt depending on the
use profile they choose.

The energy storage capacity of any battery decreases with time and use.
Some of the more important factors that impact energy storage capacity
include energy throughput, cell temperature, average state of charge
(SOC), depth of discharge (DOD), resting time and charge/discharge rate.
Customers need to understand how a system’s energy storage capacity
degrades or fades so that they can predict the life and performance of
the system. However, due to changing market rules, customers often do
not know exactly how they will use their system. NEC’s Adaptive Energy
Warranty and its advanced AEROS® software platform allows a
customer to change their use profile to optimize the system while the
warranty adapts accordingly.

“Our unique Adaptive Energy Warranty, empowered by our proprietary AEROS®
software platform, is truly where electricity meets digital. We
have over 10 years of data and more than 750MW of energy storage assets
around the world that we have used to create mathematical models of
energy capacity,” said Steve Fludder, CEO of NEC Energy Solutions.
“These models enable our customers to adjust how they operate their
systems to optimize value without having to worry about being out of

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