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NCTC Announces Broadband Solutions – Access Program

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The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), representing more than
750 cable and broadband operators serving all 50 states, announces the
launch of its Broadband Solutions – Access Program. This initiative aims
to help NCTC members stay competitive in accessing the internet for
their end consumers. The program will help lower broadband
access/transport cost with greater flexibility to grow and improve. NCTC
members serve approximately 15 million consumers with broadband service
across 3,000 plus communities many of which are in smaller more rural

NCTC will create mutually beneficial relationships with national access
carriers and regional transport circuit providers. Under the new
program, NCTC will negotiate master service agreements for NCTC member
operators who can elect to opt into the agreements. So, instead of
independently contracting with large carriers to carry traffic which can
be costly for operators and pose administrative challenges, NCTC members
can purchase bandwidth through the NCTC master agreements.

“Broadband is a very important business for our members. NCTC has a
30-year track record of providing similar programs for cable content and
technologies that has worked well for NCTC members and
supplier/partners. Helping smaller and rural markets be more competitive
is what we have done for decades,” said Rich Fickle, NCTC CEO.

“Meeting the ever-increasing customer bandwidth demand is critical to
our members’ long-term success,” said Jared Baumann, NCTC vice president
of broadband solutions. “This new program not only helps our members
effectively meet the evolving market needs, but it also provides
carriers with one point of contact for our entire member base,
increasing their sales and operational efficiency.”

NCTC will administer the Broadband Solutions – Access Program. NCTC’s
executive team, board of directors and a member-led advisory committee
will provide program guidance.

About the National Cable Television Cooperative

The National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. (NCTC) is a
Kansas-based, not-for-profit corporation that operates as a programming
and hardware purchasing organization for its member companies who own
and operate cable systems throughout the U.S. and its territories. NCTC
seeks to maximize current and future opportunities to ensure the
profitability, competitive stature and long-term sustainability of its
member companies. NCTC represents more than 750 small and mid-sized
independent cable and broadband operators across the U.S., in
programming and technology acquisition. NCTC is actively engaged in
helping network providers and suppliers evolve their business models to
deploy new video/data solutions to match the changes in the media