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Navis Releases Update to MACS3, Significantly Reducing Safety Risks Associated with Transportation of Solid Bulk Cargo

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Navis, the leading provider of maritime software solutions for efficient and compliant cargo and vessel performance, today announced a major update in MACS3 Loading Computer Software for complying with the new amendments of the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code 2020. Implementing the newly amended IMSBC Code 2020 is mandatory on January 1, 2021.

Carrying solid bulk cargoes may pose a serious risk to ships and crews, making it vital that bulk carriers meet the standards of the IMSBC Code. With MACS3 Loading Computer Software, Navis can make sure its customers meet these standards while reducing serious risks of carrying solid bulk cargoes such as fire and explosions due to chemical hazards and inrush of water, and damage to ship due to poor loading procedures. The implementation of the IMSBC Code 2020 into MACS3 Loading Computer Software prompts bulk carriers to maximize safe and secure voyage, due to its stowage and segregation checks and validation.

Apart from bulk carriers, general cargo vessels also fall under the scope of the IMSBC Code, however, general cargo vessels also need to follow the IMDG Code. In the case of general cargo vessels, MACS3 Loading Computer Software guarantees a full integrated system, which gives the ability to crews work with both the IMDG Amendment 39 and the IMSBC Code 2020, simultaneously. Emergencies on-board are also a highly sensitive topic and add to hazards for the ship, crew, and environment. Implementing the MACS3 Loading Computer Software on ships can ensure that they are responding to emergency cases properly, on time, and according to the IMSBC Code 2020.

“Complying with the defined rules and regulations under the scope of the IMSBC Code 2020 is an extremely significant milestone and accomplishment,” said Younus Aftab, Chief Product Officer at Navis. “It is our top priority to ensure that our solutions are seamless, safe and current, lining up with the needs of our customers and the maritime industry.”

The implementation of the IMSBC Code 2020 into MACS3 Loading Computer Software yields greater confidence in obtaining the compliance of the IMSBC code along with managing serious risks of carrying solid bulk cargoes and general cargoes on-board.

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