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Nature Meets Nanotechnology with VortexIR™ Ceramic Film Series by Solar Gard

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Solar Gard, the San Diego-based leader in window film technologies, has
announced the availability of the VortexIR™ Ceramic Film Series through
its network of professional installation partners in North America. The
newly released addition to Solar Gard’s extensive high-performance line
of window films leverages the company’s vast experience in nanotech
applications, while also merging it with one of nature’s greatest

“VortexIR™ brings a new level of refinement and sophistication to those
who demand a more comfortable interior, highly customizable level of
privacy, and rich dark appearance on their vehicle’s glass,” said
Kendall Combs, General Manager for Solar Gard. “If you demand smarter
protection on your windows that works as hard as you do, then Solar
Gard’s VortexIR™ Ceramic Film Series is the right application.”

The advanced ceramic technology found in VortexIR™ blocks more than 99%
of UV rays, rejects up to 96% of infrared rays and has a total Solar
Energy Rejection of up to 65%. Because the ceramic nanoparticles used in
the VortexIR™ series absorb light instead of reflecting it, vehicle
windows benefit from a deeper and truer shade. Metal particles found in
many films reflect a portion of the radio spectrum, but the ceramic in
VortexIR™ does not – meaning the advanced application won’t interfere
with mobile phones, GPS navigation, satellite radio, and other
electronic devices.

As a member of Solar Gard’s high-end line of window films, VortexIR™
offers a level of increased safety, by helping keep shattered glass
together in case of impact. This aftermarket solution installed by
professional dealers also reduces interior fading, comes in a wide range
of shades to accommodate driver preference and minimize glare, and
boasts a limited lifetime warranty.

“We look forward to offering drivers the powerful advantages of nature
and nanotechnology,” added Combs. For more information on the VortexIR™
Ceramic Film Series visit

About Solar Gard:

Solar Gard is a global leader in patent-protected film technologies for
solar control and surface protection across the automotive, residential
and commercial industries. As the Specialty Films Division of the global
glass and building technology icon Saint-Gobain – a company whose
350-year legacy originated with the Hall of Mirrors in Paris’ Palace of
Versailles – Solar Gard builds upon decades of work to offer proprietary
solar control and safety film solutions. The company’s product portfolio
delivers unmatched results in enhancing and protecting vehicles, homes
and buildings, and most importantly, the passengers, residents and
tenants inside. Follow Solar Gard on Facebook,
YouTube and Instagram.