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National Healthcare Financing Company Protects Providers and Patients from Fraud with Intellicheck’s Web and Mobile Person-Not-Present Authentication Tools

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A nationwide healthcare financing organization is using Intellicheck, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: IDN) web and mobile authentication tools to prevent fraud. The company is authenticating physicians’ IDs as a critical first step in the finance organization’s onboarding of new clients. They are also using the technology solutions to authenticate patient IDs for person-not-present financing applications.

The innovative healthcare financing organization makes medical procedures achievable for patients and supports healthcare providers’ business goals by bridging the gap between the providers’ medical offerings and the affordability of those services for patients.

This finance company’s call center associates are using Intellicheck’s no-integration web-based platform to authenticate person-not-present patients. For patients without a mobile phone, the company is using Intellicheck’s downloadable mobile app to authenticate patient IDs that have been emailed or faxed. Both technology solutions are also being used to authenticate physicians’ IDs as part of the firm’s client onboarding process. The deployment of these tools allows the healthcare financing company to assure that the applicants, physicians and patients alike, are who they say they and will prevent criminals from fraudulently obtaining financing.

Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis said this represents an important milestone for the company, “Our authentication solutions are powerful fraud fighting tools that have been adopted by a number of top financial institutions nationwide. This new agreement is a notable step forward because it represents our entry into the healthcare market. We stop fraud for our clients both on-premise or person-not-present and across multiple delivery platforms”

Lewis said the diverse healthcare marketplace is a natural progression for the company and for healthcare financing providers and the doctors and patients they serve. “The healthcare industry is under attack. The deluge of stolen data from ongoing data breaches has shown a bright light on the growing need to combat spiraling fraudulent account take overs and new account openings. Our in-person and person-not-present ID authentication technologies provide immediate access to solutions that are both proven and affordable,” explained Lewis.

Intellicheck’s frictionless, real-time technology solutions allow companies to quickly and seamlessly respond to business and consumer financial services requests, while deterring losses associated with fraud. Quickly and easily implemented, the technology solutions provide a superior level of transaction and account fraud protection that is proven more than 99% effective.

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Intellicheck (Nasdaq: IDN) is a trusted industry leader in technology solutions that stop identity theft and fraud with real-time identification authentication and age verification. We make it possible for our clients to increase revenues, improve customer service, and increase operational efficiencies. The company is focused on partnering with banks, credit card issuers and retailers to prevent fraud. Intellicheck also serves law enforcement agencies, national defense clients and diverse state and federal government agencies. For more information on Intellicheck, visit us on the web and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.