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NanoView Biosciences and Quantum Design Japan Enter Into Japanese Distribution Agreement

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NanoView Biosciences, Inc., and Quantum Design Japan, a subsidiary of
Quantum Design International, today announced an exclusive distribution
agreement for NanoView’s ExoView™ platform in Japan.

“We are pleased to offer customers in Japan access to the ExoView
platform, which allows scientists the unprecedented ability to
accurately identify and characterize exosomes,” said Shoji Taguchi,
President of Quantum Design Japan. “We look forward to a close and
productive relationship with the team at NanoView.”

The ExoView platform, which was recently recognized with a 2019 New
Product Award by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening,
provides high-resolution sizing, counting, and phenotyping of exosomes
at the individual extracellular vesicle level. The molecular cargo
carried by exosomes has potential for diagnostic, prognostic, and even
therapeutic use for a broad range of diseases. The ExoView platform
requires minimal sample input, no sample prep or purification, and
little hands-on time. It can be used directly with complex biological

“We are delighted to be working with Quantum Design Japan, our first
distributor in Asia, to expand access to the ExoView platform to this
important and innovative research market,” said Jerry Williamson, CEO of
NanoView Biosciences. “Exosome analysis is expected to be the next big
step forward in precision medicine, and our goal is to enable that
progress with technology that allows researchers to better understand
the function and utility of these vesicles.”

The ExoView platform will be on display at the NanoView booth at the
annual meeting of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles,
taking place April 24-28 in Kyoto, Japan.

The ExoView platform is designed For Research Use Only. It is not for
use in diagnostic procedures.

About NanoView Biosciences

NanoView Biosciences, a Boston-based, privately-held company, is focused
on enabling life science researchers to better understand the biological
role of exosomes and their potential use as biomarkers for improving the
diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and monitoring of disease. The
company’s proprietary product, the ExoView™ platform, is designed to
fully characterize exosomes and other extracellular vesicles for use in
basic and translational research, enabling the implementation of
nanomedicine. ExoView is a high-throughput, cost-effective analysis
system that is easy to use and does not require purification or large
sample volumes to accurately analyze exosomes.

About Quantum Design Japan

Quantum Design Japan, based in Tokyo, a subsidiary of Quantum Design
International, distributes a wide range of scientific and industrial
technologies. The company’s team of highly trained sales and technical
service professionals offers distribution partners “front line”
technical support, providing the highest level of product knowledge and
expertise to academic and industrial scientists in exosomes and other
lifescience research market as well as material research market.