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N.S.T. New Science Technologies Announces a Major 2019 Update – Cropio Platform

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N.S.T. New Science Technologies, a global, agriculture-directed company, is expanding the range of opportunities for farmers, and presents a major 2019 update ― Cropio platform.

Cropio improves its integration tools with services and systems from different manufacturers in order to collect all the necessary data for the farmer in a single place while in a convenient form.

“Cropio has an open API, with which even more other services and solutions ― from private weather stations to all kinds of ERP systems ― can be integrated into the platform. There is no need to download additional programs, transfer data from one system to another, or from one format to another,” says Anna Moren.

The N.S.T. New Science Technologies spokesperson also notes that, farmers will also be able to choose and plug in only those services which they will be using on their farm, or in the company. They can also share data with farmers in the neighbourhood, join together and help each other tackle different challenges in order to increase crop production.”

About N.S.T New Science Technologies Ltd:

N.S.T is an agriculture-directed company with R&D and processing centers in the US and Eastern Europe. N.S.T. is a developer and integrator of its core product, Cropio, which was created in 2013, – a crop health management and vegetation control platform that enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.

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