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Multiple Cloud and Data Center Customers Deploy Innovium TERALYNX® Switch together with Innolight Optics for 400G Production Networks

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Innovium, Inc., a leading provider of networking switch solutions for cloud and edge data centers, announced that multiple cloud and data center customers are deploying Innovium’s 12.8Tbps TERALYNX 7 based switches together with Innolight optics for 400G production networks. These 400G hardened and lowest latency solutions are ramping in production deployments delivering the industry’s best cost per bit.

Innovium is the only provider offering networking silicon solutions with a consistent feature set for 1 to 12.8Tbps switches and an architecture scaling to 51.2Tbps+. Innovium’s TERALYNX family delivers low latency, advanced telemetry, rich tunneling and programmability to enable unmatched visibility while easily adapting to new network protocols. Innovium’s flagship TERALYNX 7 (2 – 12.8Tbps) and TERALYNX 5 (1 – 6.4Tbps) provide a comprehensive switch portfolio for ToR and upper network tiers of cloud and edge data centers. Modern software for TERALYNX family has been hardened to be production grade so customers are able to rapidly deploy these switches with high confidence.

“Innovium’s differentiated TERALYNX switch family has been designed into a range of data center switches by world’s top OEM and ODM system partners,” said Rajiv Khemani, Co-Founder and CEO of Innovium Inc. “We are very excited to see customers start production deployments to scale their networks and benefit from unmatched telemetry, lowest latency and best performance per $ and watt.”

“Massive growth in Data, AI and 5G is driving the need to scale data center networks. Leading data center customers are deploying Innovium 12.8Tbps switches together with Innolight’s comprehensive portfolio of 400G optical transceivers to scale their networks,” said Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer of Innolight Technology. “400G PAM4 optics has achieved volume production with superior cost per bit and is expected to ramp significantly during 2020. We are excited to partner with Innovium using their 50G PAM4 TERALYNX switches, as well as future 112G solutions.”

“The 50G PAM4 ecosystem has matured over the last few years to offer a range of switch systems and 400G optics ready for production network deployments,” said Alan Weckel, founding analyst at 650 Group. “We expect a significant ramp in 400G deployments in 2020 as data center customers build next generation networks to meet their insatiable appetite for bandwidth and get better ROI. We also believe that these 400G switches will extend to data-center inter-connect (DCI) and accelerate with the availability of 400G ZR optics next.”

About Innovium

Innovium is a leading provider of high performance, innovative switching silicon solutions for Cloud and Edge data centers. Innovium TERALYNX family delivers software compatible products ranging from 1Tbps to 12.8Tbps with unmatched telemetry, low latency, programmability, and large buffers, and a feature rich architecture that scales to 51.2Tbps+. Innovium’s products have been selected and validated by market-leading switch OEM, ODM and cloud providers. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock Partners, Walden Riverwood, Capricorn Investment Group, Qualcomm Ventures, S-Cubed Capital and Redline Capital. For more information, please visit:

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