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Motus-Owned Runzheimer Delivers New Cloud-Based Architecture

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the premier vehicle management and reimbursement platform, today
announced that it has finished its re-platforming of Runzheimer,
a Motus company and provider of the premier living costs intelligence
solution, into a fully SaaS-based solution serving clients
internationally. Driven by the Motus acquisition in 2018, Runzheimer’s
legacy architecture has transitioned to a cloud-based, agile services
infrastructure that allows it to deliver fresh product innovation,
unmatched information insight, and time-savings for clients.

Transforming the technology behind its popular Living Cost Services
platform, Runzheimer improved reimbursement consistency with modernized
worksite selection options and made methodology enhancements that allow
for more rapid report completion. In addition, the company has
introduced multichannel convenience that includes online ordering for
inpatriate and expatriate international lump sum needs and enhanced
mobile access and responsiveness across tablets and smartphones. Along
with these augmentations, relocation management company partners are
getting back more time, with fewer clicks resulting in 50-70% time
savings for users. Furthermore, clients have peace of mind knowing that
Runzheimer’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology is highly secure
and ready to handle any business disruption.

“In the interest of placing talent where it is needed the most, more
than $500 million in relocation reimbursements are made annually by
Runzheimer clients,” said Heidi Skatrud, Senior Vice President of
Relocation Services at Motus. “By leveraging Motus’ technical expertise
to bring a cloud-based architecture to the Runzheimer platform, we’re
revolutionizing the way living costs are calculated and applied to
business practices. These modifications will be game-changing for our

Demonstrating the power of the SaaS-based solution, Runzheimer today
unveiled fresh research into lump sum programs in a new report titled “The
Lump Sum Approach to Relocation Costs
.” Analyzing 800 lump sum
relocation policies, this report covers common policy choices made by
U.S. employers for the main phases of a relocation: home finding,
temporary living, and final move.

“Recent tax law changes have made all components of the moving process
taxable to the employee. Along with other factors, this change is
prompting many employers to reevaluate their relocation reimbursement
practices, and many are choosing to implement lump sum allowances which
give employees a single payment to cover various expenses at the start
of the relocation, which can include household goods shipment, along
with amounts to cover travel expenses associated with home finding,
temporary living, and final move,” said Ken Robinson, Market Research
Analyst at Motus. “With the fight for talent more competitive than ever,
lump sum programs empower employees to spend the money provided as they
desire while still ensuring that the allowance amounts are relevant to
company policy and accurate location costs.”

Select findings from the report include:

  • Lodging (99%), meals (97%), and airfare (96%) costs are frequently
    factored into lump sum policies.
  • Employers that have lump sum programs include costs associated with
    home finding expenses 93% of the time. Those that do include home
    finding in their lump sum policies also include first class hotel
    accommodations 69% of the time.
  • Economy class airfare purchased more than 14 days in advance is the
    most common type (85%) included in lump sum policies.
  • The most common expenses factored into temporary living benefits are
    lodging (92%), airfare (64%), and meals (60%).
  • Companies frequently include one trip home in their temporary living
    expenses (52% of policies) and in some cases two trips home (28% of
  • Employers that have lump sum programs include final move expenses 62%
    of the time.

“The Lump Sum Approach to Relocation Costs” report is available for
download at:
To learn more about Runzheimer Living Cost Services, please visit

About Motus
Motus is the definitive leader in mileage
reimbursement and driver management technologies for businesses with
mobile workers and fleets of all sizes. Only Motus leverages deep
insights captured across the world’s largest retained pool of drivers to
calculate personalized and compliant vehicle reimbursements, keep
drivers productive and safe, and ultimately maximize returns and
minimize risk for all aspects of the mobile workforce.

Powered by Motus, Runzheimer is the premier relocation and living costs
intelligence solution. Understanding that today’s workforce is driven by
data, Runzheimer provides employers and their mobile workers with the
actionable insights and tools needed for a successful move. Our
world-class SaaS-based solutions support companies with everything from
equitable compensation calculations between multiple locations to
understanding relocation-related expenses and needs. With comprehensive
data, Runzheimer empowers employers to win the war for talent while
getting the most from their budget.

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