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Monotype Announces iType 6.0, Further Enabling Variable Fonts in Embedded Environments.

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Monotype today announced the launch of iType 6.0, a new version of its hugely popular product for embedded solutions.

Monotype’s iType font engine is a scalable font rendering subsystem based on industry standard TrueType and OpenType font standards. Designed to work in resource-constrained embedded environments, the iType font engine brings the benefits of scalable type and high-quality multilingual font display to Automotive and other consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide.

Version 6.0 of the iType font engine is designed to add support for OpenType Font Variations, commonly known as variable fonts. OpenType Font Variations allow a font designer to incorporate multiple typefaces within a font family into a single font resource. This reduces the code size and memory requirement which is of utmost importance in embedded environments.

iType 6.0 supports both mandatory tables (fvar and gvar) along with other optional tables such as avar, cvar, hvar, and mvar.

“iType serves as a key pillar for our Automotive and embedded technology solution, and this release helps us bring more value to our OEM customers by integrating one of the most sought-after features,” said Navpreet Singh, Senior Product Manager at Monotype.

Other key features being introduced in this version include:

  • Windows 64 bit build support
  • Min/Max PPEM support in Font Linker tool
  • Code Improvement and other bug fixes

For more details about variable fonts, visit the Monotype resource page.

If you would like to learn how your team can implement iType 6.0 into your product or business, please contact your Monotype representative or reach out to one of Monotype’s embedded font experts here.

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