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Monitor Black Friday 2019 Deals: Curved, Gaming, Freesync, 4K, Samsung, ASUS, and Acer Screens Listed by Deal Answers

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Numerous monitor companies have discounted their screens for Black Friday. Monitors for all use cases have been discounted including curved, gaming, and 4K styles. Deal Answers list the best deals below:

Curved and Gaming Screens

Normal PC Screens

Curved screens have dropped in price significantly in the last two years. They bring more of the screen into a person’s field of view. Gamers enjoy this because it can make their experience more immersive. Clicking on links may earn Deal Answers a commission.

People interested in gaming monitors should look for fast response rates, Freesync or G-Synch support, and a good resolution. 144hz is a good refresh rate for gaming. 4K is quickly becoming the industry standard for screen resolution, up from 1080p in the past. 4K screens require better graphics cards to handle. Larger screens are also becoming popular with screens larger than 30 inches no longer being uncommon.

Monitors are increasingly starting to feature HDR which can improve the viewing experience. Also, some people prefer ultrawide monitors. Some ultrawide monitors have the ability to split the screen using software. Dual screen workspaces are increasingly being replaced with single monitor split-screen setups.

The pricing and timing of sales varies during Black Friday. There are also limited quantities of many screens during the sale. Some monitors are likely to be on sale for Cyber Monday, though which ones is not known.

Big brands like Dell, Acer, and Samsung have all substantially reduced the prices of their computer screens. Black Friday has tons of monitors for sale in 2019.

About Deal Answers: Deal Answers researches and finds discounts for sales events like Black Friday. Deal Answers may earn commission from clicks as an Amazon Associate and member of other programs.