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Moltin Named a Cool Vendor in Latest Gartner “Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce” Report

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Moltin, provider of the Commerce Service for high-growth businesses with sophisticated consumer engagement strategies, has been named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s latest “Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce” report. Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce” report highlights “emerging vendors that offer innovative ways to enable customization, optimization and flexibility”.

Given the changing landscape of digital commerce, and the pressure put on brands and retailers today to compete with the likes of Amazon, commerce leaders are striving to deliver differentiated commerce experiences that allow them to stand out from the crowd, attract new consumers, and delight their audiences. In the report, Gartner highlights that “Because the digital commerce sector is competitive and highly transparent, vendors must be able to launch new digital business models, or evolve existing digital business, rapidly and effectively or risk losing relevance to the competition.” It is this market reality which is driving commerce businesses to seek out new technology partners that can enable the ability to launch new business models, or evolve existing business models. However, traditional commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce, are proving to be too rigid to adapt to the changing requirements of businesses seeking to find a competitive advantage in the market.

According to the report, Moltin was selected as a Cool Vendor for being a “headless digital commerce startup going to market with commerce APIs that handle core back-end commerce logic via a cloud-based microservices platform.” This API-first approach provides the speed and flexibility needed to rapidly respond to changing business requirements. Another key excerpt from the report recognizes that “Moltin’s approach provides developers with control over how to deliver commerce experiences with unique business or brand requirements.” This level of control is critical for brands and retailers who want to deliver sophisticated consumer experiences with complex business logic.

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Moltin provides the Commerce Service for high-growth businesses with sophisticated consumer engagement strategies. Moltin embraces an API-first, Headless approach that provides brand and retailers with the ultimate level of control, speed, and confidence needed to deliver commerce their way. Hundreds of the world’s most innovative commerce businesses use Moltin to deliver sophisticated consumer experiences with complex business logic, such as selling regulated goods and services, B2B use-cases, internationalization, complex product bundling, and more, seamlessly across any digital channel. If you have a sophisticated consumer engagement strategy and won’t settle for rigid, cookie-cutter commerce experiences, then Moltin is the right partner for you. To learn more visit