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Modus Create Announces Modus Kickstart to Streamline Product Development Process

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Modus Create, a disruptive consulting, product strategy and Agile development firm, today announced the release of Modus Kickstart, a structured, facilitated set of workshops and deliverables designed to help customers prepare for a successful software development project.

Designed to encourage collaboration between product, design, and engineering and facilitated by Modus experts, Modus Kickstart outlines a framework for product discussions and feature prioritization based on key assumptions, constraints and KPIs, leading to a clearly defined product development plan.

Modus Kickstart offers a prix fixe menu of artifacts, workshops, and exercises that can be customized to the needs of the customer’s projects. Starting with team alignment and preparedness, customers participate in a series of workshops that will focus on goal alignment, user story mapping, system architecture and more.

Depending on the complexity and breadth of the project, Modus Kickstart workshops can be offered as a one-week, two-week or four-week engagement.

“Successful product launches are rare occurrences – shipping a viable product on-time and on-budget is difficult and how projects start is the most critical determinant,” said Patrick Sheridan, co-founder and Managing Partner, Modus Create. “We’ve been helping our customers launch products for years, so we decided to take this expertise and create a standalone solution for navigating those critical early stages of product development.”

“In my 20 years of running software projects, I’ve found that the primary root cause of failure is not having everyone properly aligned on objectives and vision at the onset,” said Director of Strategy Drew Falkman. “Starting on the right foot is the easiest way to ensure success of any project. Modus Kickstart was created to achieve that alignment.”

Learn more about Modus Kickstart in our latest blog or in the Modus Kickstart e-book.

About Modus Create

Modus Create is a disruptive consulting firm that helps companies transform for success in the digital future. Clients work with Modus to effect transformational change through a unique collaborative engagement model that focuses on strategy, product design/build, user experience, company culture, and process change to accelerate their response to digital disruption. Modus is uniquely expert at executing within the new reality of global talent sourcing and globally distributed teams. Modus culture is based on recruiting only top talent regardless of their location. Modus delivers time zone-aligned, highly productive, English-speaking teams, accessibility, and a totally collaborative environment regardless of individual location.