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MMORPG MapleStory Kicks off 14th Anniversary with Major Celebration Events

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the iconic free-to-play global MMORPG from Nexon,
is ramping up for its 14th-anniversary festivities with major
celebratory events, special items and the return of Pink Bean character
creation starting on April 24.

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MapleStory 14th Anniversary (Graphic: Business Wire)

MapleStory 14th Anniversary (Graphic: Business Wire)

From April 24 to June 12, events named after past major seasonal updates
such as Chaos, Nova, Ark and more will be available under the 14th
event. At the beginning of the event, players will receive
the 14th Street Fairgoer title and increase their reputation and stats
as they complete missions. Once all missions are complete, Maplers will
receive the 14th Street Celeb medal.

After a long wait, players will also be able to create a Pink Bean
through June 12 by talking to Pink Bean outside the Chaos
Pink Bean Theatre. New skills for Pink Bean include Pink Bean’s Scooter,
which will help avoid damage while riding, and Twilight of Gods, which
allows Pink Bean to recreate statues that appear in the Temple of Time
to attack enemies around.

The update also brings the Pink Bean’s Movie Script, which gives
players a set of 30 missions to complete. When completed, the quest
rewards Maplers with the stat boosting Holy Pink Beanity title.

A special Big Bang Store will also open where players can use
their 14th Street Coins on unique items such as the Pivotal Adventure
Ring, the 14th Street Tour Bus Mount, and the Hall of Maple Warriors

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About MapleStory

First released in North America in May 2005, MapleStory became one of
the largest and most active free-to-play, side-scrolling MMORPGs in the
world. With over 13 million registered players from its Global services
alone (there are total seven MapleStory services around the world), the
game continues to grow and evolve alongside its passionate community
since launching 14 years ago. There have been over 274 million
characters created to date, which would make MapleStory the 4th highest
populated country in the world.

About Nexon America Inc.

Nexon America, a subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO) is a
global leader in online games with more than 80 live games operated
across more than 190 countries. Nexon America introduced
micro-transactions and the free-to-play business model in 2005, and is
widely credited with unmatched global expertise in sophisticated live
game operations, nurturing player communities, and for sustaining titles
for years, even decades. Nexon is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange,
and the company was placed on the Nikkei Stock Index 300 in 2017.